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【Latest version for 2023】Picnic with Pets|11 Top Picnic Hotspots in Hong Kong + Picnic Gear Recommendations

【Latest version for 2023】Picnic with Pets|11 Top Picnic Hotspots in Hong Kong + Picnic Gear Recommendations

What activities can fulfill your and your furkids' wishes at the same time? The answer is a picnic! Find an open place, prepare a hearty meal, everything is settled! You can rest on the grass under the sun with your furkids playing around you. Let's breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the moment with your furkids. Hurry up and bookmark the picnic spots, start your journey when the sun comes out!


Picnic Hotspots with pets in Kowloon


West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade


The West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Inside, The West Kowloon Art Park has a large lawn where you can play with your pets and have a wonderful picnic day. There are many restaurants and cafes in the park. It is convenient because you can buy takeaway and have a picnic outside the restaurant, you can also rent beach chairs and other recreational facilities. Sometimes events such as concerts or markets are also held. It is also an excellent place to watch the sea view and sunset, you cannot miss this spot if you want to enjoy a lively holiday.


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Kai Tak Runway Park


The park with the theme of the old Kai Tak Airport, with 1.5 hectares of lawn and a wide view of the Victoria Harbour, is very suitable for picnics and rests. It is a popular spot for parents of furkids. Although it is crowded with people all the year, the lawn in Kai Tak has always been well kept-up. The toilets are clean, and the facilities are well maintained. The fly in the ointment is that there are few restaurants nearby, it is inconvenient to get food and drinks, so remember to prepare your own!


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Picnic Hotspots with pets in Hong Kong Island


Victoria Peak Garden


Victoria Peak Garden is known as the most beautiful pet park in Hong Kong, with its gentle trails, European-style pavilions, and exquisite flower beds. The park is built on the hillside and divided into several areas. The design of the park disperses the flow of people effectively, it is quieter and more comfortable compared to other parks. It should be noted that there is a long way uphill to the park from the Peak Galleria. You must be prepared to walk a long way if you decide to go to the Peak Galleria for supplies first.


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Cyberport Waterfront Park


Blue sky and white clouds, swirling trees with shadows, the sound of waves hitting the shore. The 600,000-square-foot Cyberport Waterfront Park is located between a row of terraced houses and the coast. There is no end in sight of the lawn, the dogs can run freely. Also, the space of the lawn is large enough for you to lie down and have a picnic. Next to the park is a shopping mall, there are supermarkets and different restaurants. Conveniently, you can walk to the lawn after buying food from the shopping mall.


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Picnic Hotspots with pets in New Territories


Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok Tunnel Road


After the completion of the Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok Tunnel Road, the vast expanse of land on the adjacent Ho Wo Street has emerged as a new idyllic spot for picnics. Apart from a sprawling meadow where canines can frolic with abandon, there is also an extensive coastal embankment, offering the opportunity to gaze upon the sea in the company of one's furry companion while taking a leisurely stroll. On days blessed with a cerulean sky, caressed by the sea breeze, one can relish a serene afternoon with their beloved canine. However, it is imperative to exercise caution, as the vicinity of Ho Ho Street offers scant shade. During the scorching summer months, owners must remain vigilant and it is advised to carry an ample supply of potable water, thereby mitigating the risk of heatstroke befalling our furry friends.


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Yuen Tun Village


Yuen Tun Village boasts a history spanning over a century and stands as a designated historic site. Moreover, there lies before the village an expansive meadow, relatively unknown to the masses. Situated at a distance from the urban hubbub, it qualifies as a tranquil haven for picnicking enthusiasts. Upon disembarking from the minibus at Tsing Lung Tau, a leisurely half-hour stroll towards Yuen Tun Village reveals the grandeur of the grassy expanse. Apart from providing ample room for our furry companions to frolic freely, the vicinity also offers an array of hiking trails, allowing for delightful excursions with our beloved pets. Truly, it is a splendid choice for a rejuvenating family outing.


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Penfold Park


The large lawn in Penfold Park has always been a paradise for furkids. Covering an area of more than 20 acres, the park is carefully managed by the Jockey Club. The grassy lawn with the view of three artificial lakes created exquisite garden landscapes and an excellent environment of the park. Many dog clubs like to hold gatherings in Penfold Park, a large group of dogs of the same breed can always be seen at Penfold, which is extremely eye-catching. There are tables and chairs in the park for picnics, and there is also a large parking lot next to it. You can enjoy free parking for 3 hours. The park is open to the public on non-horse racing days, and it will be closed earlier on race days. Before you go, remember to check the official website for the opening hours of the month.


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Lions Nature Education Centre


In addition to having enough grass space for furkids to run and play, the biggest advantage of Lions clubs is that there are a lot of passive facilities. There are pavilions, tables, and chairs in different areas. For those who are not used to sitting on the floor but want to have a picnic, they might as well start with the Lions Club. There is also a social enterprise " The Deaf Cafeteria " that employs hearing-impaired people, providing picnic packages including food, beverages, picnic mats, and picnic baskets. Lions Club is also a famous flower-viewing spot, where you can enjoy a unique picnic experience under the scent of flowers and the sound of birds.


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Reference: Flower Viewing with Hairy Kids|Top Five Pet Flower Viewing Places in Spring + Timetable (with reference to poisonous plants)



Clear Water Bay Country Park


Clear Water Bay Country Park in Sai Kung is a good place for entry-level outings. Tai Au Mun near the entrance has an amazing environment with open views and green grass. Vehicles can go directly to the entrance of the country park, and you can find a picnic spot easily in a few walks. Tai Hang Tun next to it is a popular kite-flying spot. When the weather is breezy and windy, you can see special scenery in which the sky is occupied by kites.


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Sai Kung Lung Ha Wan


Lung Ha Wan is an "advanced level" compared to the Clear Water Bay Country Park. You can turn from the entrance of Clear Water Bay Country Park to the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail for hiking. It is not difficult and time-consuming to hike in Lun Ha Wan, you can reach the summit in one hour to enjoy the wonderful scenery. There is a big lawn beside the Equestrian Club when you go downhill, here you can have a picnic with the sea view. The crowd in Lung Ha Wan is relatively less, which is the best place to picnic if you are energetic.


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Nam Sang Wai


Nam Sang Wai is a habitat for migratory birds. With shadows of trees, mountains, and woods, and a romantic wooden bridge, a large number of wedding photographers and pet photographers have been attracted to take pictures in Nam Sang Wai, which shows the beauty of the scenery. There is a large lawn between the trees for picnics, and there is also a small shop nearby where you can buy drinks. However, there are not many parking spaces, which is not very convenient for motorists.


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Picnic Gear


The essence of a picnic is the location and the person. It is all up to you to use fancy gear or simple gear. Eating just bread can also be happy when holding our beloved furkids under natural sunlight and breeze. However, if you wish to gear up like a pro, you can refer to the following checklist to prepare:


Pet Supplies Human Supplies
Drinkers Camping Tents
Folding Bowls Folding Picnic Tables
Snacks Camping Chairs
Anti-mosquito and lice products Waterproof Picnic Mat
Leash Insulation Mug
Waste Bags Insulation Bag
Pet Carriers Outdoor picnic basket
Toy Food trays
Cleaning wipes Pillows/cushions
Pet tent Food and Drinks
Thermal Clothing  
Sleeping Pads  
Pet fence  


Are you too lazy to prepare, but want to have a sumptuous picnic? There are many companies that provide picnic equipment rental services:


Picnicking by Misaka


This company provides bohemian romantic style decorations, basic equipment includes cushion, picnic mat, small wooden table, dinner plate, cutlery, wine glasses, picnic basket, decorative bouquet...etc. Flags, small tents, and balloon strings are provided in the deluxe version. The price also included the service of installation, dismantling, cleaning and transportation. You just need to prepare food and drinks. The owner of the company loves and pet and is launching an exclusive pet experience in PET-A-HOOD, you can now book directly on the PET-A-HOOD website!


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More about other decoration services


Cover Photo Credit: @bichon_chickenleg @mehmeh_the_bichon @bichon_fokfok @poodle_meatfloss @boristhedog323





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