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Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

In order to keep the Sites useful to users and not overrun with commercial noise, hate speech or useless information, you should not submit any review which:-

  1. is written by the owner, employee or its agent of such business;
  2. is written by a competitor of the related business;
  3. is driven by interest offered by business or its agent;
  4. is submitted more than once for the same visit;
  5. contains insulting, defamatory, and/or provocative content;
  6. contains libel or personal attacks content;
  7. is copied or plagiarized from other reviews/copyrighted materials without prior permission;
  8. duplicate reviews or reviews with similar content is repeatedly submitted or with different account of the Sites;
  9. contains second-hand experience or hearsay content;
  10. contains false, fake, malicious speculation or misleading content;
  11. contains commercial or promotional messages or link;
  12. contains foul language and/or obscene content;
  13. is not writing relevant experience;
  14. is without solid description on pet related services and experience;
  15. contains serious complaint but did not provide evidence e.g. photos etc...;
  16. is response to other published review;
  17. submits business information only;
  18. use external photo links;
  19. is with ratings which do not synchronize with review content;
  20. mentions the name or any personal particulars of business staff; or
  21. contains illegal or privacy content.

The Company will reject, move or delete any review which contains inappropriate, malicious or promotional content, including but not limited to review having any of the above content, and shall reserve the rights to remove or not to publish any review content at its sole discretion without reason nor notice.

Important Notes

i. If the review is connected with a promotion event, you should disclose so. Otherwise, the omission to disclose may be in breach of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance or any similar regulation(s) of the jurisdiction(s) where you or the related business locate(s).

ii. In the event if a review submitted by you containing serious allegation, you have to confirm that the content of the review is completely true and agree to bear the related legal responsibilities before the review is published on Petahood’s Sites. You should be aware that if there is misrepresentation of fact in a review containing serious allegation, the user who has submitted the related review is liable to bear the related legal responsibilities pursuant to "Defamation Ordinance" and any other applicable laws in Hong Kong or any similar regulation(s) of the jurisdiction(s) where you or the related business locate(s).

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