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PET-A-HOOD is a one-stop destination for the latest and the most comprehensive pet-related information, and we are your trusted partner when it comes to curating a healthy and exciting lifestyle for your pet friends and you. Sign up as PET-A-HOOD member to earn pawts and upgrade your membership level for more exclusive rewards and surprises!

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Member Benefits

Basic & Advance Members

  • Member Discounts
  • Birthday Surprise

Pet Agent

  • Exclusive Agent Discounts
  • Pet Agent Kit
  • Priority Access to Events
  • ..and More!

Member Benefits Details

Level 1 Basic Member Level 2 Advanced Member Level 3 Pet Agent Level 4 Special Agent Level 5 Royal Agent
Member discounts & birthday surprise Basic Basic Advance Advance Advance
Executive agent tasks - - Prioritized
Pet Agent Kit - - - Pet Agent Starred Kit
Digitalised agent status symbol - -
Priority access to activities & events - - First pick
Additional Pawts - - - 50 Pawts 100 Pawts
Secret gift reward - - - -

Membership is subjected to Terms & Conditions

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Earn Pawts for More Rewards

With our Pawts Earning Rewarding Scheme, you can earn Pawts to redeem high quality pet goods, services, and even cash voucher rewards!


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Partner Offers

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Membership Exclusive Offers

PET-A-HOOD members can enjoy various membership-exclusive offers, where you can eat, play, shop and experience on one app. Register as a member for free and enjoy unique benefits!

ANiMEAL Membership Offer

Members can enjoy 10% discount at ANiMEAL.CO

LALAMOVE Pet Transportation Offer

New users (those that have never placed any order via any Lalamove platform) are entitled to 1 coupon valued at HK$25; existing users are entitled to 1 coupon valued at HK$10.

My Dog Fits Membership Offer

Existing My Dog Fits Customer Offer Already a customer of My Dog Fits? You can still enjoy the membership offer from PET-A-HOOD to have a one time $500 cash coupon for dog training services!

My Dog Fits Membership Offer

First Time Offer for My Dog Fits Customers Members from PET-A-HOOD can have a one time $500 cash coupon for dog training services at My Dog Fits.

Vetopia Exclusive Offer for NEW members!

Newly registered Vetopia member can enjoy HK$100 off with minimum HK$800 spending in Vetopia Online Store with discount code entered at checkout . Additional terms and conditions applied.

Coze Membership Offer

All PET-A-HOOD members follow Instagram @cafe.coze, for every beverage and pet fresh food purchased at COZE, they will receive a free Glazed Croffle (valued at $40).


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How to upgrade to higher membership level?

How to earn and use Pawts?

Will Pawts expire?

What should I do if Pawts are mistakenly distributed or I do not receive any vouchers?

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