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Rainy Season Dangers|Humidity brings dog and cat skin diseases, food poisoning, heartworm and leptospirosis concerns!

Rainy Season Dangers|Humidity brings dog and cat skin diseases, food poisoning, heartworm and leptospirosis concerns!

The onslaught of the rainy season gives insects and bacteria a chance to grow, and dogs and cats are at risk of contracting deadly viruses if they come into contact with contaminated rainwater! Even if pet owners avoid taking their pets outdoors, some dogs still prefer potty outdoors. PET-A-HOOD has the following suggestions on how to prevent germs and viruses:


1. Keep your pet's fur dry

Bacteria, mold, mosquitoes and other pests love a humid environment. Once a dog or cat's skin is not dry enough, it will allow these pests and bacteria to develop, bringing eczema, “mold” and other skin problems. After cleaning your dog or cat or going out on a rainy day, be sure to thoroughly blow-dry and comb through their fur. Do pay special attention to the undercoat, finger gaps, near the ears, underarms, and other hidden spots to ensure that no moisture is left and no mosquitoes or bugs are on the skin. If the humidity in your home is high, you can also use a dehumidifier to control the humidity and minimize the chance of bacteria breeding on mattresses, toys and clothes.


Especially in summer, it is important to keep your dog clean. During the mosquito season, if you want to take your dog outside without worries, you can use the natural Pet Cherish Summer Dog Walking Kit to repel mosquitoes and moisturize your dog's paws!




Pet Cherish 3 must-have items for dog walkers:

"Natural Insect Repellent Spray, Paw Cleaning Bubble, Calendula Paw Cream (Special DEALS offer for PET-A-HOOD members: HK$218)



2. Avoid contact with mosquitoes and rainwater

Summer is the peak season for invisible killers such as heartworm and leptospirosis. Even if your cat or dog has been vaccinated and is on regular medication, it might be still difficult for them to escape from heartworm and leptospirosis if they come into contact with infected mosquitoes, water, soil and plants. However, as the rainy season lasts for several months, we can't just leave our dog at home every day. Apart from putting on a raincoat and rain shoes and leaving home for a short quick walk, pet owners can also consider taking their pets to pet-friendly shopping malls to walk in air-conditioned space. Some pet owners are attract mosquitoes easily even if they stay indoors, therefore they are more worried about the cats and dogs around them. This summer, HEYDAY Mosquito & Pest Protection Spray will definitely come in handy!



HEYDAY Mosquito & Pest Protection Spray

Natural ingredients, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments and applicable to cats, dogs and humans! (Special DEALS offer for PET-A-HOOD members: HK$162)



"My dog is used to potty outdoors, what should I do?" Try not to take any more risks! Pet owners should utilize positive training early so that dogs can learn to potty at home and not to go out in extreme weather.



MY DOG FITS offers a variety of training services, including puppy training, basic training, and behavior modification. Their trainers possess a unique insight into the behavior and psychology of dogs and can provide effective training methods for each individual dog. Use PET-A-HOOD member discount to book a class now!



3. Never leave food out all day

Humid weather can easily cause food to become moldy and spoiled, and dogs and cats can suffer from diarrhea, vomiting and even food poisoning if they eat spoiled cat and dog food. Pet owners should not only store food in a dry place, but they should also make sure that their dogs and cats develop good eating habits and don't leave their food unattended for too long. To avoid wasting food, pet owners can prepare the right amount of food according to their pet's food intake and appetite, and make sure the food is eaten within a specific time frame. Reduced dog activity may also affect appetite, pet owners can make good use of sniffing mats, hidden food toys and other more interesting ways to feed, which can consume the dog's energy, while increasing their appetite.




Even though you have taken all the precautions against humidity and pests during the rainy season, your pet still suffers from itchy skin, constipation, diarrhea and other problems? Dogs and cats may have weakened immunity due to the large temperature difference during the rainy season, or they may have problems with their intestinal flora, and too much bad bacteria in the intestines may cause skin or intestinal discomfort. Many pet owners have supplemented their pets with probiotics, but there are many different types of probiotics on the market, what kind do pets really need?


The "Pet Gut Microbiome DNA TEST" is a quantitative DNA test for specific gut microbiota, and after analyzing the data, the health status of your pet's intestinal tract can be assessed. By knowing which probiotic species are lacking in your pet's gut, you can choose the most suitable probiotic products for your pet!



Get thePet Gut Microbiome DNA TEST + Pets Probiotics now to find out which probiotics your pet needs! (Special DEALS offer for PET-A-HOOD members: HK$899)



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