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Why Is It Becoming Difficult To Get Cat's Nails Trimmed?

Why Is It Becoming Difficult To Get Cat's Nails Trimmed?

Nail trimming is a grooming operation necessary for indoor cats. Some cat owners will hold their cat tight or use towel or laundry bag to wrap the cat up to prevent it from escaping. However, these methods usually result in the cat getting more and more reluctant, some cats may even react by aggression to human. 



In a cat's mind, there is no such thing called 'nail trimming'. What they know is that their caregivers from time to time catch them to do something on their paws. Every time they want to escape will only make the owner come over to catch them, eventually creating a negative association with nail trimming. 


Besides, cats value the feeling of in control of what they can do and feel threatened if being restricted, that's what they feel when being held tight by their owner to trim the nails. When they try to escape from this situation, owners usually will hold tighter and that worsen the cat's feeling. Eventually the cat has no way but attack. 



Then how should we trim a cat's nails? First thing first, never use forceful way. Owners may try trimming softly and carefully when the cat is sleeping, and remember to stop before the cat awakes. The best way is to training the cat through conditioning, to make the cat feel good, or at least not feeling bad, to nail trimming by giving treats when trimming the cat's nails. However, if the cat is intolerable, a more systematic procedure of training is needed, in this case, you should consider seeking help from a behavioral consultant or trainer. 


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