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Why Cats Suddenly Bite While Petting Them?

Why Cats Suddenly Bite While Petting Them?

Many cats will suddenly bite their owners after some time of petting. Every cat has their own thresholds of tolerance of being petted, which will be affected by such factors as the part of body being petted, past experience, relationship with the person petting it and its mood when being petted. Pet owners should learn how to properly pet their cats. 

Cats in general love having their cheek, jaw and forehead stroked, pheromone making a cat relax will be released by stroking these areas. Hands, paws, belly and tails should be avoided if your cat has not got used to these parts being petted.  

We should avoid petting a cat when it is excited, during play, disturbed or in fear, instead should only pet it when it is taking a rest or approach you actively. Petting should be gentle and slow, always pay attention to the body language during petting, stop petting when you see the cat twitching the ears and skin, wagging the tail or keep changing its position. The rule of thumb is to avoid any negative experience in every petting session. 

Caregivers pet their cat properly not only can strengthen the relationship with the cat, but also let caregivers discover hidden health issues quickly. If your cat doesn't tolerate your petting of an area of the body where it was previously fine to be petted, it is possible that part was hurt or with health problem. Then you should have a look or bring your cat to the vet for a check up! 


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