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Why is it important to know about pet emergency? Because you never know when you will need it!

Why is it important to know about pet emergency? Because you never know when you will need it!

Pet owners should be aware of several important aspects of pet emergency services to ensure the well-being of their furry companions. Here are some key points to know:


1. Identify nearby emergency hospitals: Familiarize yourself with the location and contact information of emergency veterinary hospitals in your area. These hospitals are equipped to handle urgent pet medical situations when your family veterinarian is unavailable.


2. Understand emergency signs: Learn to recognize signs of a pet emergency. Examples include difficulty breathing, severe bleeding, sudden loss of consciousness, ingestion of toxic substances, seizures, trauma, uncontrolled vomiting or diarrhea, and severe pain. If you notice any of these signs, don't hesitate to seek immediate veterinary care.



3. Keep important numbers handy: Save the locations of the emergency veterinary hospitals and emergency hotline in your phone or keep them in a visible place at home. This will help you access assistance quickly during a crisis.


4. Prepare a pet first aid kit: Assemble a pet first aid kit containing essential items such as bandages, antiseptic solution, gauze pads, adhesive tape, tweezers, and a pet thermometer. Familiarize yourself with basic first aid procedures for pets, but remember that these measures are temporary and should not replace professional veterinary care.

5. Stay calm in emergencies: Pets can sense your emotions, so it's crucial to remain calm during an emergency. This will help you make better decisions and comfort your pet in distress. If necessary, enlist the help of another family member or friend to assist you.


6. Transportation: Have a plan for transporting your pet to the emergency hospital. Keep a carrier or crate easily accessible and ensure it is suitable for your pet's size and species. In some cases, you may need to immobilize your pet to prevent further injury during transportation.


7. Be aware of potential costs: Emergency veterinary care can be expensive. Consider pet insurance or setting aside an emergency fund specifically for your pet's medical needs. While financial concerns should never deter you from seeking necessary care, being prepared can alleviate some stress during emergencies.



8. Follow post-emergency care instructions: After a pet emergency, carefully follow any instructions provided by the veterinarian. Administer medications, monitor your pet's condition, and schedule any necessary follow-up appointments. Promptly communicate any concerns or changes in your pet's condition to the veterinary team.



VSH 24 Hour Outpatient and Emergency Services 


Remember, in a pet emergency, time is of the essence. Don't hesitate to contact a professional for guidance, as they are best equipped to provide the necessary care and support for your beloved pet.


VSH provides 24-hour emergency services with a team of 10 dedicated ER veterinarians rotating in the emergency centre throughout the year. They have a blood bank for cats and dogs, providing plasma and red blood cell transfusions. With various advanced blood testing machines, including blood gas analyzers, they can quickly assess multiple vital indices within a minute. The hospital is equipped with an oxygen chamber, isolation rooms, and specialized operating rooms.


VSH - Hong Kong:

Address: G/F - 2/F 165-171 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Contact: 2408 2588



VSH - Kowloon:

Address: G/F - 1/F 7 Liberty Avenue, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon

Contact: 2408 2588






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