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Top 8 Large-Dog Pet-Friendly Restaurants + Exclusive Discounts for PET-A-HOOD Members

Top 8 Large-Dog Pet-Friendly Restaurants + Exclusive Discounts for PET-A-HOOD Members

Want to bring your large dog to a stylish restaurant but worried about the space and uncomfortable seating? Fear not! Check out these 8 pet-friendly restaurants spread across Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories. From trendy Western cafes to Thai and Japanese cuisine, these restaurants all share one thing in common - they welcome dogs of all sizes. So even if your dog is on the larger side, you can still enjoy a fun outing with your furry friend.


New Territories

1. Relax B&M Cafe

Located in Tai Po, Relax B&M Cafe spans three floors. The G/F is the dining area, specializing in Western and Thai Fusion cuisine. Popular dishes include rib-eye steak, burgers, all-day breakfast, and a variety of croissants and waffles. Despite being an outdoor seating area, there is equipped with cooling fans, making it perfect for chilling with your large dog. The 2/F is a playful zone for cats, where several furry hosts entertain guests. On the 3/F, guests can indulge in authentic Thai massages. The top floor boasts a breathtaking 180-degree view of the sea, enjoy a cup of coffee with your furry friend under the blue sky, feeling like you're on a vacation!

Address: G/F, 165A Lung Mei Village, Ting Kok Road, Tai Po


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2. Puppuccino 


Tseung Kwan O Waterfront is a paradise for dog walks, with a wide selection of pet-friendly restaurants. However, if we are to highlight the most exceptional one, it must undoubtedly be Puppuccino. Not only is it a welcoming restaurant for both big and small dogs, but it also offers a pet menu, pet supplies, pet grooming services. Moreover, it proudly stands as the first-ever snow-filled paradise in Hong Kong. For dogs, the must-try dish is the pet dumpling, with a realistic appearance that is as delightful as it is delicious; the meat pie is a favorite among big dogs, satisfying their hunger; and the doggie cappuccino is beautifully presented, leaving every dog who tries it wanting more!


【EXCLUSIVE】Puppuccino Silver Membership

By availing the PET-A-HOOD service, one can procure a Puppuccino Silver Membership by depositing an amount of HK$500, thereby garnering an additional bonus of $20 in PUPPY DOLLARs.


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Address: Shop 6, Alto Residences, 29 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O


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3. SOL Mate Club 


SOL Mate Club, a branch café of the popular restaurant SOL Committee in Ma Wan, located in Cheung Sha Wan and features a basketball theme. Offering a variety of coffees, beers, cakes, burgers, and Tacos, this cozy spot stands out with creatively unique flavors like Strawberry Daifuku Tacos and Honey Five Cheese Tacos that have garnered a loyal following. Despite its not a very big size, the café is incredibly pet-friendly, welcoming dogs of all sizes. On designated days, a free shuttle bus is provided between Ma Wan and Cheung Sha Wan, allowing guests to enjoy a meal and then take their furry friends for a beach playdate. It's no wonder why dog owners love this spot so much.


SOL Mate Studio Offer


By making an online reservation, customers can enjoy exclusive use of the SOL Mate Studio for a private gathering of 1.5 hours, with a minimum food and beverage spend of $500. As an added bonus, PET-A-HOOD members will receive an extra complimentary selfie booth photo.


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*Terms and Conditions applies.


Address: Shop C1, G/F, Block C, Merlin Centre, 55 Po On Road, Cheung Sha Wan  


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4. Doctor Beans


Doctor Beans is a popular Taiwanese restaurant managed by Taiwanese individuals, with two branches located in Kwun Tong. The restaurant exudes authentic Taiwanese vibes in both its food and decor, offering a wide range of Taiwanese delicacies. The restaurant is pet-friendly, welcoming dogs of all sizes, with convenient access in the building.


Fully Store

Address: Room A, 3/F, Fully Industrial Building, 6 Tsun Yip Lane, Kwun Tong


Shing Yip Store

Address: Room 29, 2/F, Shing Yip Industrial Building, 19 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong



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5. Catalpa


Located in Cheung Sha Wan, the Lai Sun Commercial Centre has recently transformed into a pet-friendly shopping mall, welcoming dogs to roam freely without the need for a stroller. Not only do they embrace dogs freely walking within the mall premises, without the need for strollers, but they have also introduced a plethora of pet-related businesses. One of the newcomers is Catalpa, a pet-friendly restaurant opened earlier this year. The restaurant owner, a dog lover, understands the challenges of finding food with pets in a bustling city. That's why Catalpa was designed with a spacious pet area for both big and small dogs to relax comfortably. The restaurant specializes in affordable Taiwanese and Japanese cuisine, with meal sets priced at under HK$100. Popular dishes include signature fermented tofu crispy chicken, salt-grilled mackerel, and beef rib.


Address: No.105, 1/F, Lai Sun Commercial Centre, No.680 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon


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Hong Kong Island


6. Sip Song


If you're a fan of sunshine, beaches, and the laid-back vibes of Southeast Asia, don't miss out on Sip Song, a Thai restaurant located in The Pulse, Repulse Bay. Drawing inspiration from Thai coastal beach bars, this restaurant seamlessly blends open-air design with a beachfront terrace offering stunning ocean views. Not only can you enjoy your meal accompanied by your furry friend, but you can also freely roam in the outdoor natural setting, creating a truly relaxed atmosphere. Serving up authentic Thai cuisine, each dish at Sip Song incorporates 12 or more ingredients and flavors, from Thai-style pizzas to Khao Soi noodles and banana pancakes. The staff at this pet-friendly establishment are incredibly welcoming to dogs, even providing a refreshing bowl of ice water to help them beat the summer heat. Plus, they offer a pet menu to cater to all your furry friend's needs.


Address: Shop 114 & 115, The Pulse, 28 Beach Rd, Repulse Bay


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7.  COZE 


COZE is a hidden gem nestled in Kennedy Town, with seating available both indoors and outdoors, the cafe provides a perfect setting away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. Their All Day Breakfast is a culinary delight, featuring sourdough paired with Parma ham, avocado, and smoked salmon, showcasing the chef's dedication to quality ingredients. Their pasta dishes are crafted using locally-made artisanal pasta, a true labor of love. The owner's love for pets shines through with regular pet-friendly events and a special menu for furry companions to enjoy alongside their owners.


COZE Dine-in Offer


PET-A-HOOD members can enjoy a complimentary serving of the delectable Sugar Crusted Croissant Waffle (valued at $40) by simply following @cafe.coze on Instagram and purchasing any beverage and pet fresh food at COZE.


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*Terms and Conditions applies.


Address:  Shop B, Po Lung House, 28-30 Li Po Lung Path, Kennedy Town



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8. Uluru 


Wan Chai's Uluru is a hand-drawn 2D Cafe with a bold style, featuring only black and white colors throughout, reminiscent of stepping into a comic book. Unfortunately, the restaurant experienced a fire last October, but after a refurbishment this year, it has reopened with even more engaging and meaningful wall murals created by local art university students. The Cafe is incredibly dog-friendly, welcoming all shapes and sizes, making it a popular gathering spot for our furry friends. In addition to the stunning decor, the Cafe also offers exceptional food, especially a variety of unique desserts that promise both visual delight and delicious flavors.

Address:  1/F, Chun Fai Building, 1-11 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai 


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Cover photo credit: @maltose_thegolden




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