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The notion of bringing our beloved pets to the workplace may very well be the cherished aspiration of every devoted pet owner. And now, at long last, this dream can be realized! The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Hong Kong has officially launched the "Bring Your Dog To Work" campaign in October, urging local enterprises to embrace the concept of employees bringing their canine companions to work. They have also highlighted the four significant benefits of establishing pet-friendly offices. PET-A-HOOD, being at the forefront, has already taken the initiative by organizing a pet-friendly office experience day that went beyond the inclusion of dogs, welcoming other small animals to partake in the joyous occasion!




Benefits of bringing pets to work


Pet-friendly offices, although rare in Hong Kong, are not uncommon internationally. Research suggests that nearly 80% of individuals agree that working with pets can have a positive impact on their work. Not only does it foster increased interaction, communication, and collaboration among colleagues, but it also creates a more relaxed work environment, alleviating stress. When employees are content, they naturally become more dedicated, efficient, and willing to contribute to the company, which undoubtedly reassures employers.


PET-A-HOOD : TAKE YOUR PET TO WORK DAY took place within the shared workspace of Hysan Place in Causeway Bay. On that day, employees from various companies brought their beloved pets to work. Despite being coworkers who typically only exchange pleasantries in passing, the administrative personnel who shared the same office space experienced an entirely different dynamic. With the presence of pets serving as a catalyst, conversations naturally blossomed, allowing everyone to engage in genuine dialogue and forge connections. Indeed, the pets themselves became instrumental in expanding their owners' social networks.


 The event itself was teeming with vibrant energy and liveliness.


On the day of the experience, PET-A-HOOD also curated a splendid array of activities. These included a workshop presented by SPCA in collaboration with Whiskers N Paws, shedding light on the benefits of pet-friendly offices. Additionally, the esteemed Garrick Sir from the My Dog Fits Canine Training Academy graced the occasion with an on-site demonstration, sharing invaluable tips on dog training. Moreover, there were delightful booths by Meal Rical and VETOPIA, offering a wide selection of sumptuous pet snacks, as well as a showcase of the distinctive PET AVATAR products by Onlly Case and the latest clothing collection by local pet brand MOMOJI.


SPCA x Whiskers N Paws workshops

Garrick Sir from My Dog Fits

VETOPIA and Meal Rical prepared a splendid assortment of delectable pet provisions.

PET AVATAR product by Onlly Case

PET AGENTS adorned themselves with the meticulously crafted gear designed by MOMOJI.


Transforming an office into a pet-friendly space is a simple endeavor. By familiarizing oneself with the building's pet-friendly policies, paying attention to the office decor and ensuring the safety for dogs, providing designated rest areas for dogs, ensuring sufficient socialization training for the furry companions, and balancing the needs of individuals with allergies to dogs, one can establish a joyful pet-friendly office. For those who are interested in experiencing this, it would be worthwhile to take note of the SPCA's "Bring Your Dog To Work" initiative. For further information, please visit:





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