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4 Pet-friendly Spots in 2023: Pet parks, pet-friendly mall, and exquisite seaside

4 Pet-friendly Spots in 2023: Pet parks, pet-friendly mall, and exquisite seaside

In the year 2023, the number of pet-friendly venues in Hong Kong has significantly increased, spanning across the regions of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. Here are four selected immensely popular pet-friendly hotspots. From vast meadows to air-conditioned shopping malls, and breathtaking seaside locations, all of these venues are freely accessible and welcome our furry friends with open arms. Let's explore these destinations together and make unforgettable memories with our beloved pets!


Pet-friendly Seaside | 1. Cha Kwo Ling Promenade


The Cha Kwo Ling Promenade, which officially opened at the end of August, spans approximately 1.8 hectares. It consists of pavilions, landscaped areas, lawns, children's playgrounds, and fitness facilities. The promenade is a shared space for pets, allowing pet owners to bring their leashed companions along. 


The park offers breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour in East Kowloon and a distant glimpse of the cruise terminal. With its captivating scenery, it is an ideal spot to appreciate sunsets and night views. The park also features several picturesque spots, making it perfect for picnics and leisurely strolls with your furry friends, allowing you to enjoy a serene and delightful time together.




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Pet-friendly Meadow|2. Fanling Golf Court


As September approaches, the government officially repossessed approximately 32 hectares of land at the Fanling Golf Course and declared it open to the public free of charge. Additionally, a pet-friendly shared park has been established at the northern end of the park, granting dogs even more opportunities to revel in the golfing grounds. The vast expanse of lush green grass provided an ideal space for dogs to frolic freely. Moreover, the meticulous maintenance of the turf earned it the well-deserved reputation as the "Dog Paradise ."


However, it is important to note that during major tournaments, the golf course will temporarily suspend public access. Therefore, it is advisable to ascertain the schedule before planning a visit.




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Pet-friendly shopping mall | 3. The Wai 


The grand opening of the shopping mall located above the Tai Wai MTR station is set to take place at the end of July. The mall, aiming to attract pet lovers, has prepared a range of pet-friendly facilities. These include the provision of pet strollers for rental, priority elevators for our furry companions, designated parking spaces for pets, pet-specific toilets and trash bins, a temporary parking area for pet carriages, and even the option to rent pet supplies.


Additionally, outside the mall, there is a sprawling 50,000 square feet of green space that serves as a pet park. Regrettably, Pets within the confines of the mall are required to remain in a pet carriage or a pet carrier. Nonetheless, the mall boasts pet-friendly restaurants, where one can comfortably dine in air-conditioned comfort while enjoying a meal in the company of their beloved pets.




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Pet Garden|4. Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park Pet Garden


Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park Pet Garden is set to officially open in July. It boasts an array of delightful facilities for obstacle races and inclines, all meticulously maintained. Though its size may be modest, its geographical location is truly exceptional. Adjacent to the bay promenade, which is also pet-friendly, and with a plethora of pet-friendly restaurants and shopping malls in the vicinity, it would be prudent to allocate half a day to explore this area.




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