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Loyalty Program PAWTS|PET-A-HOOD APP User Guide

Loyalty Program PAWTS|PET-A-HOOD APP User Guide

PET-A-HOOD mobile application officially launches the loyalty program PAWTS! Regardless of your membership level, as long as you become a PET-A-HOOD member, you can participate in the loyalty program. In addition to recording every footprint with your pet, completing designated simple tasks can earn you points and win different rewards. The higher your level, the more benefits you receive! Rewards include high-quality pet products, diversified services, and cash vouchers that you can redeem. PAWTS can also be converted into donations, so you can do good deeds while accumulating points. Learn about the PAWTS reward and points accumulation program now.




Easy-to-use: Completing designated simple tasks can earn points and win different rewards!


Simple designs, easier to use and understand


  • Tasks including: New Joiner Tasks, Daily Tasks, Monthly Tasks
  • User-friendly, click to start the mission task
  • can earn PAWTS anytime and anywhere

Easy to check your records, understand your needs and preferences


  • your record will save automatically 
  • real-time monitoring
  • understand your needs and preferences

Win different rewards


  • Rewards including high-quality pet products, diversified services, and cash voucher
  • The higher your level, the more benefits you receive
  • PAWTS can also be converted into donations
  • Rewards coming soon, stay tuned!*

* Please check on PET-A-HOOD mobile APP for more details.



How to start the rewarding journey?


Step 1:


Click "Earn Pawts" at Member Benefits after login, and you can check the mission details, terms and conditions.




Click member icon at the right botton corner at home page, and click "Earn more" below your nickname.

Step 2:


Under My Pawts Record page, you can check all records, pending misson tasks and the completed mission tasks details. Just click the mission and get start to complete.


(Terms and conditions applies, members can view the related terms and conditions according to annotation.)

Step 3:


Your record will show on "My Records" page within 2 mintues after completed the task.


(Writing a review must include pictures or videos. Approval takes up to 7 working days, and the PAWTS will only be given to the account after the approval.)


Learn more about the brand-new membership scheme “PAWTS”?


Click the below button to check out the different membership discounts and jetso, rewarding scheme, the latest membership scheme! APP users can also click the "Membership Benefits" to view all details at home page toolbar at upper left corner.

Besides cash vouchers, more rewards are coming soon, stay tuned and start you rewarding journey with pets now!





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