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Pet Profile –  Pet Insurance & Grooming Schedule|PET-A-HOOD Mobile App User Guide

Pet Profile – Pet Insurance & Grooming Schedule|PET-A-HOOD Mobile App User Guide

To protect the furry kids and ease the financial burden of veterinary costs, many pet owners have insurance for their animals. The PET-A-HOOD mobile app allows you to keep track of your insurance details and expiration dates, and it will alert you when it is time to renew your pet insurance. Pet owners also have a big responsibility to bring their pets to the groomer, so read below to learn how to add your grooming schedule to the mobile app now!


Where to enter the Pet Profile:


1. Click on your pet’s icon on the homepage or



2. Click on the bottom right corner and press on your pet’s icon to view your pet profile.




Insurance shields pet parents and pet owners from a heavy financial burden since pet medical expenses are expensive. You won't forget to renew your pet's insurance if you input the necessary information and enable the reminder option. You always have the option to provide your pet with the best care possible!



How to enter pet insurance:


"Click [Pet Insurance] and press [+] at the lower right corner"   "Select the pet insurer and input start and end date. Turn on the reminder so you will be reminded 30 days before the expiry date."



Pet owners regularly provide their animals with grooming, including taking them to the groomer for a bath, haircut, and other services. If you add the grooming schedule and details of the appointment in the PET-A-HOOD mobile app, you can remember to take your furry kid to the groomer on time!



How to enter Grooming Schedule:


"Click [Grooming Schedule] and press [+] at the lower right corner"   "Input date, grooming options, price etc., to include the grooming schedule on the calendar so you won’t miss the date! You can also upload photo of your furry kid after the grooming the record their beauty!"



PET-A-HOOD Mobile App User Guide: Pet Profile


Fashion Size & Weight:


Healthcare Record:




With just one APP in hand, you can comprehensively record the growth and lives of cats and dogs! Of course, there are other exciting features waiting for you to discover and explore! Download the《PET-A-HOOD》APP starting from today! With an app in hand, connect life with intelligence at anytime and anywhere, connect with other pet lovers in the neighborhood and build a pet social community together!


Android Users Click Here to Download


iOS Users Click Here to Download



* If you have any recommendations or feedback with the APP, welcome to leave your valuable comments in the “Give Us Feedback” section in the list on the left side of the APP homepage.





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