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New Cat Pawrent Checklist

New Cat Pawrent Checklist

Being a first-time cat pawrent? You'll need to purchase a number of items for your new four-legged companion! PET-A-HOOD has created a checklist for all first-time cat owners, so you can follow our simple instructions for welcoming your new feline friend!



Food Daily neccessities Grooming products Toys
Canned and dry food Bowls for food and water Ear cleaner Cat teaser
  Cat litter, litter box, and litter scoop Brush Cat tree
  Items for outing Nail trimmers Scratcher
  Bedding and Cage    
  Window screen    
  Flea preventative    
  Hairball remedy/catnip    



Food: both canned and dry food


Dry food and wet food are the two types of cat food available. Dry food is divided into categories such as kitten food, adult food, food for all ages, and so forth. You have to select the best option for your cat's age. Wet food refers to canned foods in various forms such as mousse, fish slices, and so on. They have a lot more moisture than dry food.


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Want to know more about cat's diet?


Tips for Feeding Your Cat



Daily neccessities


Bowls for food and water


After you've purchased cat food, you'll need to prepare food and water bowls! For durability and safety, ceramic or stainless steel are recommended.



Cat litter, litter box, and litter scoop


Cat litter and litter boxes serve as a cat's toilet! The urine and feces of your cat are buried in cat litter. Cat pawrents must clean their cat's litter box on a regular basis with a litter scoop. Soyabean litter, paper litter, wooden litter, crystal litter, and more forms of cat litter are available for pawrents to select from. Litter boxes come in a variety of styles. They come in various sizes, with some having a cover and others without. You can pick the ideal one based on the size of your cat.


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Items for outing: Cat leash and cat carrier


For an outside cat, a cat leash and carrier are essential! When you're out with your cat, you don't want it to get lost. So get your cat a cat carrier and a cat leash!



Bedding and cage


Get a comfy bed for your new animal buddy! Furthermore, because most cats require some time to adjust to their new surroundings, it is recommended that you keep your new four-legged companion in a cage for approximately a week before allowing it to roam freely in your home!



Flea preventative


Consult your veterinarian to determine which brand is best for your cat!


Hairball remedy/catnip


Cats enjoy licking their fur to keep it clean. It's natural for them to swallow their own fur while licking, thus they may vomit on occasion. Hairball remedy is an intestinal lubricant that aids cats in eliminating hairballs through feces. Catnip encourages a cat's bowel movement and aids in the removal of hairballs.



Grooming products


Ear cleaner


Over time, a cat's ears might become stained. If left untreated, ear dirt causes some cats to shake their heads or scratch their feet, which can lead to other health issues. As a result, it's critical to clean your cat's ear on a regular basis.




Cat brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including shampoo brushes, tooth combs, and slicker brushes. Cats of various breeds have variable hair lengths. Cat owners should select the appropriate brush for their cat based on its characteristics.



Nail trimmers


Remember to trim your cat's nails on a regular basis to keep it from clawing itself or other people!




Cat toys


Cats enjoy playing, in addition to their everyday requirements. Purchase some toys for your new feline companion and have fun with it!


Cat teaser: Cats find moving objects appealing.


Cat teasers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including ball-shaped, strip-shaped, feathery, and other variations.



Cat tree: Cats enjoy jumping around.


Purchase a cat tree for your cat to climb on, as cats enjoy "monitoring" humans...



Scratcher: Act as claw sharpening tool, to keep your cat from scratching your couch!


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