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First-Time Dog Owner Checklist

First-Time Dog Owner Checklist

What's it like to be a first-time dog paw-rent? You'll need to pick up a few things for your new family member! For all first-time dog owners, fear no more! PET-A-HOOD has created a checklist, so you can follow our simple instructions for welcoming them!



Food and Medication

Daily Supplies Outdoor Supplies Dog Cleaning and Grooming Supplies
Dry Food Eating Utensils Collar + Dog Leash Pet Shower Gels
Snacks Dog Bed Outdoor Water Bottles Combs and Brushes
Anti-tick and anti-flea products for dogs Dog Toilet Excrement Bag Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Heartworm Medicine Dog Fence Dog Diapers Ear Wash
Dewormer Dog Toys Dog Wet Wipes  



Food and Medication


Dry Food


When you bring the dogs home, you can prepare dog food for them. If your new family member is a puppy, special meals must be prepared for them. After that, you can prepare your own meals and gradually learn about the foods your dog enjoys. Keep an eye on what the dog isn't allowed to eat.


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When you're playing or training with dogs, you'll need to reward them with treats! If it's a puppy, prepare puppy-specific snacks that aren't too hard for them.


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Anti-tick and anti-flea products for dogs


In Hong Kong, fleas and cattle ticks are very common. After being bitten by ticks, owners must take precautions to avoid your dog from having skin diseases, allergies, and even fatal diseases like cattle tick fever. Anti-flea and tick products come in a variety of forms, including sprays, drops, tick belts, and more. The owner can ask veterinarians to select products that suits them best.


Heartworm Medicine


Heartworm is another common fatal dog disease in Hong Kong, which is mainly transmitted by mosquitoes. The owner can give their pets oral preventive drugs every month, or bring them for a vaccination every year. Please consult your veterinarian before use.




Parasites are very common in dogs, particularly puppies. A mild parasitic infection may not cause any symptoms. However, if not treated promptly, it can lead to serious illness. Parasites can infect humans, therefore, it is critical to deworm your puppies on a regular basis. Dewormers are typically taken in the form of pills. Puppies and adult dogs require different dosage and frequency. Before selecting dewormers for your dogs, consult with your veterinarian.



Dog daily necessities


Eating Utensils


Both food and water containers are very important! You can choose stainless steel or ceramic bowls to reduce odor. Choose bowls, floor or hanging water dispensers, etc. Remember to change their drinking water frequently, clean regularly to maintain hygiene!


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Dog Bed


Buy a warm and cute bed for your dog, so that it has a "sleeping area" and will get used to sleeping on a designated spot. You can also prepare some of your clothes to them, so that dogs can smell their pawrents, making them feel less insecure!


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Dog Fence


The fence can enclose a wider space for dog activities, allowing them to have their own "site". It can also prevent them from entering dangerous areas, such as kitchens with open flames.


Dog Toys


You can prepare different toys for your dog, such as teething toys, vocal toys, automatic feeding toys, and so on. You can also prepare some toys that can interact with people and dogs, such as tennis balls, soft boomerangs, etc.


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Dog Toilet


You can potty train your dog by preparing a dog potty and using it with a pet changing pad. Pet urinals absorb a lot of water and are simple to clean. They're usually antibacterial and deodorant, as well as being more convenient and sanitary than newspapers.


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Outdoor Supplies


Collar + dog leash


Choose different kinds of collars for your dog, and write down your name, phone number and other information on the collar. Not only does the collar makes your dogie more recognizable, but also if the dog gets lost, passers-by can also contact you. Normal dog ​​belts are generally divided into two categories: collar-type dog belts and chest straps. The collar type dog belt is the most common type of belt, which can effectively control their behavior, but the dog is easier to break free from the belt, and long-term pulling may damage their precious neck. Chest harnesses are fixed on the dog's chest, which can effectively reduce the pressure caused by yanking.


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Outdoor Water Bottles


For simplicity, choose outdoor-use water bottles designed with one-handed operation. Water bottle with filters can filter out any impurities and eliminate odors, which is much safer and sanitary.


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Excrement Bag


When choosing excrement bags, choose the right size according to the dog breed. It is recommended to choose a bag with low transparency and thick materials, which can hide your pets’ excrement effectively and prevent leakage and odor. To prevent leakage, choose a bag that can deodorize or a poop bag with added odor.


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Dog Diapers


When you go out with your dog, you will inevitably go to indoor restaurants or shopping malls. These places have less facilities for dogs to go to the toilet. Therefore, you can prepare dog diapers and wear them when you enter the indoor space.


Dog Wet Wipes


To wipe the soles of the dog's feet when going out, special wet tissues are needed for the dog. Generally, the ingredients of baby wipes may cause allergies and breathing problems to dogs.



Dog Cleaning and Grooming Supplies


Pet Shower Gels


If you don’t send your dog to a pet grooming salon to bathe on a regular basis, you need to buy a shampoo for them. Human shampoo ingredients may cause skin diseases in dogs, so pets should choose appropriate dog-specific shower gels based on breed, age, and skin condition of the dog.


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Combs and Brushes


A comb is needed to tidy the dog's hair from time to time, so that the dog can maintain a neat appearance, clean their body and maintain skin health.


Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste


In order to maintain oral hygiene, and prevent periodontal disease in dogs, pet owners should brush their teeth at least three times a week.


Ear Wash


Dogs’ earwax can easily accumulate. If you see yellow or brown liquid and smell odor, the ear canal may be infected. Therefore, it is necessary to use ear wash liquid regularly to prevent infection.


Most importantly, responsible owners should learn more about raising a dog before taking them, so that they would feel at home more easily! Hope all new pawrents enjoy taking care of their new friend!


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