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Pet transportation policies of various nations

Pet transportation policies of various nations

The desire for dogs to travel on Hong Kong's MTR and buses is undoubtedly a dream cherished by many pet owners. Previously, on International Dog Day, the MTR made a one-day exception allowing dogs on board. Unfortunately, there seems to be no foreseeable future opportunities for such an arrangement. Is it truly so arduous to facilitate pet-friendly transportation? Let us explore examples from other nations/regions for inspiration.


Pet-Friendly Transportation | 1. Taiwan


Credit: Pet Agent at Taiwan - OKA


In recent years, public transportation in Taiwan has become increasingly accommodating to pets. Whether it be the Taiwan Railway, High-Speed Rail, or Taipei Metro, pet owners are permitted to bring their beloved cats and dogs, among other small pets, without the need for purchasing an additional ticket. 


Taking Taiwan Railway as an example, cats, dogs, rabbits, fish and small pet birds are allowed on board, provided they remain inside a pet carrier that measures no more than 55cm in length, 45cm in width, and 38cm in height. For Taipei Metro, although not all lines permit pets, the regulations regarding larger canines are relatively more lenient. During non-peak hours on both weekdays and holidays, large pet strollers (measuring between 176 to 220cm in length, width, and height) are permitted for travel.


Pet-friendly transportation | 2. London, United Kingdom


在 Instagram 查看這則貼文



在 Instagram 查看這則貼文



In the United Kingdom, regulations regarding the transportation of pets on public transportation are established independently by each transport operator, thus the regulations may vary. However, for the most part, the majority of public transportation in the UK permits the carriage of small canines, including the underground, buses, trains, ferries, provided they adhere to the stipulated requirements of being leashed or contained within a pet carrier. The official Instagram account of the London Transport Authority frequently shares photographs of pets on public transportation, promoting the harmonious coexistence of humans and their animal companions.


Pet-friendly transportation | 3. Japan


圖片來源:ANN News報道截圖


Many Hong Kong residents enjoy traveling with their pets, and Japan happens to be one of the most popular destinations for pet tourism. This is due to the numerous convenient measures in place for pets, making transportation quite hassle-free. Both JR and Kintetsu in Japan allow passengers to bring small pets weighing up to 10kg, provided they can remain obediently inside a pet carrier while onboard. In a remarkable initiative last year, even the Shinkansen introduced a dedicated train event specifically for pets, allowing them to venture beyond their confines and comfortably occupy seats, thus indulging in the journey firsthand.


Pet-friendly transportation | 4. Finland


在 Instagram 查看這則貼文

VR Matkalla(@vrmatkalla)分享的貼文


在 Instagram 查看這則貼文

VR Matkalla(@vrmatkalla)分享的貼文


Finland's transportation policies are exceptionally accommodating towards pets, as cats, dogs, and other animals are not only permitted to travel by rail but are also not confined to pet cars or crates. Finnish VR has designated specific carriages for pets, allowing them to have their own seats without the need to huddle in a corner. Moreover, they are free to lounge by the window, beholding the scenic views with utmost freedom. For short journeys, pets can travel free of charge, while longer trips only require a nominal fee of €4-8 per journey.


Upon reflection of the aforementioned examples, it is evident that although there are still constraints such as cages and weight restrictions when it comes to pets traveling on public transportation, it nevertheless demonstrates that creating a pet-friendly environment within public transport is not an unattainable dream. One can only hope that one day, the pets of Hong Kong will also have the privilege of indulging in such benefits.





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