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4 Essential Factors to Select Pet-friendly Establishments

4 Essential Factors to Select Pet-friendly Establishments

The recent dissemination of distressing news regarding the untimely demise of a canine companion after frolicking at a purportedly "pet-friendly" restaurant has left a multitude of pet owners in a state of unease. In recent years, an increasing number of restaurants, malls, and hotels have joined the ranks of accommodating our beloved animal companions, aiming to attract clientele who cherish their furry companions. However, certain establishments exhibit a dearth of knowledge concerning pets, thereby harboring potential perils within these ostensibly pet-friendly premises. In order to safeguard the well-being of our cherished companions, owners must remain vigilant and alert, keeping the following 4 points in mind when venturing outdoors with their dog and cat counterparts.

Pet-friendly restaurant peril | 1. Pesticides and Cleansing Agents

In order to eradicate pests and maintain sanitation, many restaurants have adopted the practice of concealing chemical substances such as cockroach and rodent extermination agents in inconspicuous areas or beneath tables and chairs. While this approach may effectively eliminate vermin without drawing attention from humans, it poses a perilous threat to small animals such as cats and dogs. The ingestion of cockroach or rodent poison can prove fatal, leading to unimaginable consequences should a momentary lapse result in accidental consumption.


Therefore, when venturing outside, owners may consider inquiring with establishments regarding the presence of pest control measures. Simultaneously, it is imperative to exercise utmost vigilance, ensuring that our beloved companions do not ingest any unidentified substances. If pets have a tendency to lick the floor or furniture, one must exercise caution to prevent accidental consumption of harmful chemicals such as bleach or high-concentration cleaning agents, which can adversely affect the health of our feline and canine companions.

Pet-friendly restaurant peril | 2. Ornamental Flora

The presence of ornamental flora within pet-friendly establishments can pose potential hazards for our cherished companions. While these decorative plants add aesthetic appeal to the surroundings, certain varieties may harbor toxic properties that can prove detrimental to the health and well-being of our feline and canine friends. As responsible owners, it is incumbent upon us to exercise caution and ensure that our pets are not exposed to potentially harmful plant species.


Pet-friendly restaurant peril | 3. Pet Meals


Each feline and canine companion possesses unique health conditions and gastrointestinal sensitivities. When dining at restaurants or hotels that offer a specialized menu for pets, owners must exercise discernment and attentively scrutinize the ingredients to determine whether they are suitable for their beloved feline and canine companions. This precautionary measure is crucial to avoid the inadvertent consumption of food items that may trigger adverse reactions or sensitivities in our pets.

Tips for selecting pet-friendly establishments | 4. Considering the opinions of pet owners

In Hong Kong, there is a lack of specific legislation supporting pet-friendly restaurants, and there are few regulations pertaining to pet services. Without proper oversight, the true level of pet-friendliness depends on the efforts of individual businesses and the vigilance of their patrons. Prior to visiting a pet-friendly establishment, owners can utilize the PET-A-HOOD search system to browse reviews from fellow pet owners regarding different businesses and locations, gaining insights into the most recent and firsthand experiences. After visiting, owners can also contribute their own feedback, collaborating with other PET Agents in building a genuinely pet-friendly community. By doing so, we can ensure joyful and worry-free outings with our beloved feline and canine companions.




Our platform is a one-stop destination for the latest and the most comprehensive pet-related information. From helping you discover pet-friendly businesses nearby, to planning fun weekend activities, we are your trusted partner when it comes to curating a healthy and exciting lifestyle for your pet friends and you. We also encourage pet owners to build their Pet’s Social Community through Pet-a-hood, by exchanging pet-caring experience, pet-related news, and connecting with other pet lovers in the neighbourhood.


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