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PAWTS Rewards Programme | Support Animals in Need Also redeems cash vouchers and fully supports Hong Kong animal welfare

PAWTS Rewards Programme | Support Animals in Need Also redeems cash vouchers and fully supports Hong Kong animal welfare

There is now yet another way to assist stray animals! Have you ever considered that by simply devoting a little time each day, you could offer a warm dinner for people in need? That is what the newest PAWTS incentives Programme from PET-A-HOOD allows you to do. In addition to earning monetary incentives. Now, all you have to do is finish a variety of easy tasks on the mobile application, and with just a little work, you'll be able to earn the necessary number of reward points to help these cute little animals!


PET-A-HOOD X SPCA Daily Dietary Subsidy for Kittens and Puppies

Dogs and cats require a lot of nutrients in their early stages to ensure a healthy development. However, feeding so many stray cats and dogs such high-quality food poses challenges for animal shelters. You can now give these newborn kittens and puppies a helping hand by feeding them! From now until December 31, 2023, PET-A-HOOD will donate HK$15 or HK$20 to  SPCA, sponsoring a day's worth of meals for hungry kittens and puppies, with just 1,500 or 2,000 PAWTS. This guarantees that kids get enough nutrients and can develop healthily as children!


Provide Support with Simple Operations!


Step 1:

Click on the 'Donation' Category after entering the voucher page.

Step 2:

 Click on the donation for details.


Including: Name, Reward Description, Redemption & Validation Period, Terms & Conditions, Merchants’ Introduction


Click “Redeem” to donate.

Step 3:

Click “Confirm” to exchange PAWTS for donation.


Reminder:  You can donate up to the PAWTS available within your account. 





Step 4:

Confirmation notification will be sent right after the donation.

 Step 5:

Members can click “My Rewards” to check the details for the donation. Details are all included in the receipt.





Learn more about the brand-new membership scheme “PAWTS”?


Click the below button to check out the different membership discounts and jetso, rewarding scheme, the latest membership scheme! APP users can also click the "Membership Benefits" to view all details at home page toolbar at upper left corner.

Besides cash vouchers, more rewards are coming soon, stay tuned and start you rewarding journey with pets now!






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