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3 Tips from Professional Pet Groomer to prevent skin disease | Dyson Perfect Pet Home

3 Tips from Professional Pet Groomer to prevent skin disease | Dyson Perfect Pet Home

Most of the pet owners bring their fur kids to the pet salon for grooming regularly. However, home care session is also very important and should not be missed – e.g. daily hair brushing, shower after swimming or hiking to avoid skin disease and maintain healthy skin and hair. Most of the pet owners having difficulties blow-drying the hair and cleaning their flat due to the excessive fur floating in the air after brushing. Get your home grooming tips by Ruff and Fetch’s senior groomer, Viola, now to becoming a perfect pet owner!


The newly launched Dyson Pet Grooming Kit can be used together with Dyson’s vacuum cleaners. Pet owners can brush and remove loose hairs from the pets easily. Dyson Supersonic™ HD08 Hair Dryer Air Multiplier™ technology produces 3 times more airflow to dry hair faster, and to avoid extreme heat damage with its intelligent heat control technology.  When it comes to cleaning, tidy up the environment with Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim Vacuum Cleaner. The “Awkward gap tool” is one of the most helpful tools with a 22 degree twist to help cleaning the tight gaps and hard-to-reach areas. With a complete solution by Dyson, pet owners manage to clean and take care of both human and dogs easily!



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Special Thanks: Ruff and Fetch  @creamyball.pancake.pom




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