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Prebiotic Hydration Set for Dogs

Prebiotic Hydration Set for Dogs
Applicable to the Following Pet Types
  • Dogs

Package includes 2 packs of Doggyrade and 2 packs of Yummyrade.

Pet-a-hood Member's exclusive: Free Totebag 1 pc 340x250mm

About Doggyrade

DoggyRade is an isotonic drink that encourages fast hydration in dogs. It contains balanced electrolytes to help dogs rehydrate and prebiotics which help to boost gut health, improve digestion and nutrient absorption. High palatability in DoggyRade increases fluid intake, helping dogs to rehydrate quickly.



Despite from daily fluid lost, there are occasion when huge amount of body fluid lost such as after exercise, diarrhoea and vomiting. Excessive body fluid lost result in electrolyte imbalance compromising red blood cells and pH imbalance, hinder normal body function.


  • Helps repair damaged digestive tract tissue
  • Alleviate symptoms of diarrhea and speed up recovery


  • Enhance probiotics growth rate & deplete bacteria growth in gut
  • Improve guts health

About Yummyrade

YummyRade is a tasty meal enhancer for cats and dogs that can be added on top of their food to deliver a delicious chicken taste. This flavour burst increase appetite and is extremely low in calories and fat. You can use it to make your pet’s food tastier, without worrying about weight gain or digestive issues. It also contains 2 different prebiotics to support good health.



  • Maintain guts health and enhancing the growth rate of probiotics are the main focus of prebiotics
  • Prebiotics does not affect by pH from stomach acid and could reach directly to the gut
  • Enhance the rate of absorption and digestion
    - Suppress the growth of harmful bacteria inside the gut, plus prohibit bacteria attacking the gut wall bacterial substance remain inside the gut

Patented formular drink (HK patent no. 1242528)

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