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Dog Fun Fundraising Day | Charity Walk + Street Party for Abandoned Dogs   Give a Helping Paw to Abandoned Dogs!

Dog Fun Fundraising Day | Charity Walk + Street Party for Abandoned Dogs Give a Helping Paw to Abandoned Dogs!

The "Peak To Fong 2023" fundraising event, organized by the Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) and fully supported by Whisker N Paws, came to a successful conclusion on November 26th. The weather was sunny on the event day, and more than 1,000 participants gathered wearing the event's T-shirts, showing their support for animal charity. This event aimed to raise funds for over 600 dogs waiting for adoption at HKDR, promoting "doggy camaraderie." All the funds raised will be donated 100% to HKDR for their daily operations. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the Pet Agents for joining this meaningful event with us!



The charity walk fundraising event starts from the Peak.



All participants have already put on the event T-shirts before departure. They took a group photo outside The Peak Tower to commemorate the beginning of this grand event!


Charity Walk Fundraising 


The Pet Agents arrived at the assembly point on time and joined the Charity Walk with headquarters. They are now ready to set off from the mountaintop!



Such a meaningful event calls for taking a group photo before setting off, of course!


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🐶Buddha Nau 👦🏻地拖先生(@mr.naughtybichon)分享的貼文


Pet Agent Naughty is even gathering a gang of friends to take a fun-filled group photo!



Pet Agent CICI is already thrilled and can't wait to get started!



As you descend along the path from the peak, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong.


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@toooooast.__ 分享的貼文


 Let's enjoy the wonderful behind-the-scenes footage captured by Pet Agent Toast!



It takes approximately 1 hour to fundraise by walking, but the Pet agents are not afraid of hard work. They continue to push forward, putting in their "foot power" together!


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Hong Kong Dog Rescue(@hkdr_official)分享的貼文


After approximately 1 hour, we have finally reached the destination, Lan Kwai Fong! Don't forget to capture a beautiful picture to commemorate this joyful moment.


Lan Kwai Fong Dog Street Party



After arriving at Lan Kwai Fong, everyone joined the Dog Street Party, where there are various types of stalls. Pet Agents can have fun, enjoy delicious food, and do good deeds at the same time!



There are multiple types of booths on-site, where you can not only shop but also make donations to help animals in need.


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Hong Kong Dog Rescue(@hkdr_official)分享的貼文


In addition to pet supplies and pet food stalls, there will also be a Live Band Show performance at the event! Your support can add an extra spark to HKDR's animal charity.



Whiskers N Paws, who is wholeheartedly supporting this event, also has a booth at Lan Kwai Fong. They have even created a dedicated check-in area for pets, where mascots join in the fun, adding to the lively atmosphere!



Stunning photo spots + booth games.



Each booth is meticulously decorated to attract pet owners to come and shop like crazy!



Apart from purchasing pet snacks, many pet owners also indulge in ice cream to beat the heat. It's a treat that both pet owners and dogs can enjoy.



PET-A-HOOD is also hosting a flash event on that day, where anyone who registers as a new member on-site will receive a fancy gift!



After a day full of activities, the Pet Agents had a fulfilling and meaningful time. Seeing the satisfied smiles on their faces, we believe that they are proud of themselves! We also hope that through this event, we can encourage more people to care about animal welfare and help abandoned dogs find loving homes as soon as possible.


Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) is a registered animal welfare organization in Hong Kong, founded by Sally Anderson in 2003. Over the years, they have saved many stray dogs and their offspring who were either abandoned or sent to the Fisheries and Conservation Department. HKDR takes care of and trains these abandoned dogs until they find new homes. Currently, their center has adopted over 600 abandoned dogs. They primarily raise funds through activities such as charity walks, calendar sales, brick campaigns, and charity concerts.


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