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24-hour veterinary clinic on HK Island |  Comprehensive Care at North Point Animal Hospital

24-hour veterinary clinic on HK Island | Comprehensive Care at North Point Animal Hospital

Throughout the lives of our beloved feline and canine companions, there inevitably arises a need to seek the services of a veterinary clinic. Beyond the essential vaccinations and annual check-ups, when our furry friends grow old or encounter health challenges, they require meticulous and comprehensive medical care. The North Point Animal Hospital boasts three remarkable advantages, demonstrating their thoughtfulness and commitment. Whether it be routine home consultations or round-the-clock emergency services, they ensure the holistic well-being of both pets and their devoted owners.

Round-the-Clock Medical Consultations and Care


Just as humans require emergency rooms, so do our beloved pets. When cats and dogs face unfortunate circumstances such as poisoning, ingestion of foreign objects, urinary difficulties, abnormal defecation or vomiting, and traumatic injuries resulting in bleeding or fractures, their lives may be at stake and immediate medical attention is imperative. If a family veterinary clinic, where pets receive regular medical care, offers 24-hour services, it can provide comprehensive medical records in critical situations and allow cats and dogs to receive treatment in a familiar environment.


In addition to providing daytime family veterinary services, North Point Animal Hospital also offers evening and emergency services. With experienced frontline staff manning the hotline and triaging calls 365 days a year, pet owners can seek assistance by contacting the hospital in critical situations. The staff, in turn, will arrange and provide the most appropriate medical advice, aiming to secure the time for treating cats and dogs. Notably, the hospital is one of the few clinics in the Hong Kong Island area that guarantees round-the-clock, uninterrupted access to qualified veterinary nurses and technicians for professional care. Both of the nurses and technicians hold various professional qualifications in different field, bringing with them extensive experience and medical knowledge, enabling them to provide nursing services for emergency consultations and hospitalized pets. Moreover, the registered veterinarian who primarily handles evening consultations boasts over 20 years of emergency experience, proficiently performing surgeries, thorough examinations, and laboratory tests during nighttime, ultimately saving the lives of our beloved companions.


One of the co-founders, Dr. Ruth Ng, recognizes the concerns of pet owners who may feel helpless when seeking assistance in times of need. That's why the medical team at North Point Animal Hospital remains operational every day, even during extended holidays or in the face of inclement weather, ensuring uninterrupted service throughout the year.


Comprehensive Services and State-of-the-Art Facilities

North Point Animal Hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including vaccinations, annual check-ups, dental cleanings, comprehensive blood and urine analysis reports, health certificates for cats and dogs, as well as various common surgical procedures. These surgeries include spaying/neutering, urological surgeries, emergency bladder stone removal surgeries, pyometra surgeries, corrective surgeries for cherry eye or stenotic nares in brachycephalic breeds, soft tissue and musculoskeletal surgeries, tumor excisions, and more. With 4 major medical facilities, 2 operating rooms, and 3 different levels of hospitalization wards, the hospital is equipped to handle various unforeseen health conditions in cats and dogs, reducing the risk and uncertainty of transferring pets to another facility in critical situations for their devoted owners.



Allows for comprehensive examinations in cats and dogs presenting with conditions such as fractures, joint issues, cardiac ailments, pneumonia, suspected foreign body obstructions, and cancer. This advanced diagnostic tool enables the vets to conduct thorough assessments and promptly administer tailored treatments to address the specific needs of the furry patients.


North Point Animal Hospital is equipped with cutting-edge ultrasound machines and a team of skilled medical professionals who specialize in providing abdominal and cardiac ultrasound services. These services allow for a detailed examination of the internal organs, including the liver, kidneys, and heart, in cats and dogs. With the aid of this advanced technology, the vet can accurately diagnose and provide comprehensive treatments and follow-ups. Additionally, ultrasound services are available for procedures such as urine collection or when animals present with conditions such as pulmonary edema.


The prevalence of heart disease in cats and dogs has been increasingly observed, particularly among older or purebred individuals who are more prone to organ dysfunction. Consequently, the demand for ultrasound examinations to assess cardiac health has substantially risen.



Primarily utilized in two common situations, the first being the retrieval of swallowed foreign objects in cats and dogs. Endoscopy offers a minimally invasive alternative to conventional abdominal surgery, ensuring a lesser degree of invasiveness. The second situation involves the presence of abnormal intestinal growths in cats and dogs. In such cases, endoscopy allows for the extraction of tissue samples for further diagnostic testing, providing valuable insights through biopsy analysis.


Blood Bank:

North Point Animal Hospital maintains a supply of blood packs specifically formulated for cats and dogs. Apart from instances of severe bleeding due to accidents, many conditions can lead to anemia or hemolysis in animals. For instance, common ailments in Hong Kong such as babesiosis and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) can cause cats and dogs to become frail, ultimately leading to rapid demise. Timely blood transfusions can extend the golden treatment window, empowering cats and dogs to withstand subsequent medical procedures and combat these illnesses.


(Left) The blood packs procured are sourced from reputable international suppliers, ensuring their qualification and suitability for use in cats and dogs. (Right) The hospital has recently acquired state-of-the-art endoscopic instruments. 


Isolation Ward:

Many common diseases among cats and dogs in Hong Kong possess a high level of contagiousness, such as viral enteritis and leptospirosis. To ensure the safety of other animals, doctors, nurses, and owners are required to don protective clothing before entering the ward. Disposable items are exclusively utilized within the ward to minimize the risk of transmission.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU):

For animals with more severe conditions, such as cats and dogs at risk of seizures or experiencing respiratory distress, they will be admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), where they receive heightened care and monitoring. This ensures that the medical team is able to promptly respond to any critical situations that may arise within a short span of time.


North Point Animal Hospital meticulously divides its facilities into separate areas, including feline wards, canine wards, isolation wards, and an ICU, to accommodate the various needs of the furry patients. Dedicated medical team provides  24 hour hospitalization and veterinary nursing service, ensuring that the patients receive continuous attention and support throughout their stay.


Humanized and Attentive Services


North Point Animal Hospital is jointly managed by three experienced veterinarians who have a combined experience of over forty years in the field. They deeply understand the importance of communication and trust between pet owners and veterinarians, as integral parts of the pet healthcare process. Therefore, the hospital reserves a dedicated 30-minute consultation time for each animal that visits, ensuring that owners have a clear understanding and accept every medical decision made.


Cats, in particular, are susceptible to stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact their health. To provide a stress-free and comfortable consultation experience for feline patients, North Point Animal Hospital has taken special measures. These include separate waiting areas for cats and dogs, playing soothing white noise in the feline ward and waiting areas, and releasing feliway pheromones in the clinic to help cats relax. These efforts have earned the Silver recognition from the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) as a cat-friendly clinic.


Every nurse at the hospital undergoes continuous professional development courses to ensure they provide the most appropriate and high-quality nursing services.


Both Dr. Ruth and another founding doctor of North Point Animal Hospital, Dr. Tim Choi, have previously worked in animal welfare organizations and place great importance on animal welfare. They firmly believe that all cats and dogs are entitled to receive proper medical care. Therefore, the hospital maintains affordable prices that offer value for money, aiming to provide attentive and comprehensive family veterinary services, as well as 24-hour emergency care, for both pets and their owners.



North Point Animal Hospital


Address: UG/F Ching Wah Mansion, 1-3 Ching Wah Street, North Point
Inquiry hotline: +852 2307 6622





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