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Direct Message Feature|PET-A-HOOD APP User Guide

Direct Message Feature|PET-A-HOOD APP User Guide

PET-A-HOOD mobile APP has newly launched the Direct Message Feature, significantly improving your communication experience with merchants. This feature allows all members to engage in real-time conversations with merchants anytime and anywhere. Whether you need to inquire about product information, booking services, or providing feedback, you can quickly receive responses from merchants.



Easily Use the DM Function to Stay Connected with Merchants!

Personalized Service: Get advice and support tailored to your needs

  • One-on-one communication between merchants and customers to provide targeted recommendations
  • Customers can get quick feedback from merchants

Improved experience: Smoother shopping and service flow

  • One application for all your needs, no need for multiple platforms
  • One interface for instant booking and confirmation of pet services, saving time
  • Information enquiry and order confirmation process becomes simpler

Communicate anywhere, anytime

  • Focus on one application to connect with merchants, no need to switch platforms
  • Seamless communication even in different locations
  • No more phone calls, quick contact through apps
  • Keep your conversation history and view it at anytime



How to use the DM function?

Step 1:

Search for the desired merchant.

Step 2:

Go to the merchant's page and click on "Message" on the right side.


** Note: Only merchants with the Standard Plan or Pro Plan can use the direct message feature.**

To upgrade to the Standard Plan or Pro Plan, please visit

Step 3:

Start a real-time chat with the merchant by entering your question or request.

Step 4:

Once the merchant replies, you will be notified through the mobile app and the message will be displayed.

Step 5:

Tap to view the chat history and the merchant's reply.


How to view previous conversations?

Step 1:


Open the homepage and click the "Message Notification" icon in the top right corner to enter the conversation list page.

Step 2:

In the conversation list, find the merchant chat you want to view along with all historical chat records, and click to enter.

Learn More About the Direct Message Feature?

Download the PET-A-HOOD mobile application now and enjoy the convenience of communicating with merchants anytime, anywhere. No need to switch between multiple platforms – one app enables one-on-one communication with merchants, providing faster and more direct interaction. Click the button below to try out the new feature!




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