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Early Summer Pet Friendly Spots|6 Recommended Outdoor Pet-Friendly Spots - Explore nature in the sun with your dog!

Early Summer Pet Friendly Spots|6 Recommended Outdoor Pet-Friendly Spots - Explore nature in the sun with your dog!

Summer may be a hot and stuffy season for us, but for dogs it's a great time for sunbathing. Sunlight not only sterilizes the dog's coat, but also helps to produce vitamin D. By licking the coat, dogs absorb nutrients from food better. This early summer, take your dog outdoors to enjoy the gentle sunlight! Here are 6 great places to soak up the sun:


Get in the water and beat the summer heat




Located in Yuen Long, DOG COME is a large-scale dog swimming pool and playground equipped with all the necessary facilities for eating, drinking and playing. In addition to the large grassland, DOG COME also has two pet swimming pools, one deep and the other shallow, where pet owners can get into the pool with their dogs! After some fun time, pet owners can help their dogs take a shower and blow-dry them in the self-served grooming area before enjoying afternoon-tea time. The pool offers multiple parking spaces and attracts many dog families every summer.


Address: Leon Court, 8 Fuk Shun St, Yuen Long (Along Catchment Channel)


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2. Pak Lap Wan


The beach is a must-visit summer destination for many dog families, as it satisfies dogs' love of digging in the sand and cools them down. Pak Lap Wan, known as "the Hong Kong's version of Maldives", is located in Sai Kung. It is a hidden natural bay away from the city with clear water and fine sand! Near the beach, there is a store that provides food and cold drinks for you to take a break. There are also a lot of special pet-friendly restaurants in Sai Kung, plan ahead with the PET-A-HOOD APP before departure!


Address: Pak Lap Wan, Sai Kung (By taxi from Sai Kung)


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3. Long Coast Seasports


If you are bored of the city, it's nice to go on an island trip once in a while! Long Coast Seasports is a resort located at Cheung Sha Beach on Lantau Island, offering water activities such as canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding for both pets and humans, making it a paradise for active dogs! For dinner, apart from the Western restaurant along the sea, you can also order food and rent stoves from the venue to enjoy a self-served BBQ or hotpot. After a long day of intense exercise, you can even rent a campervan and stay with your dog at the beach for a night, making unforgettable memories together on the island!


Address: 29 Lower Cheung Sha Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


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Check in at Instagrammable spots


1. Ma Wan Park


Many pet-friendly parks have a vibe of the nature, but not all of them have an artistic vibe! Ma Wan Park is an award-winning Nature Garden that combines nature, education, art and love. With thousands of preserved native trees, vintage arches, metal gates, exhibits and special attractions, pet owners and their dogs can enjoy the natural scenery while taking a walk on the trails. You can also find a restaurant nearby to have afternoon tea and enjoy a slow day in Ma Wan with your dog.


Address: Flat 45, Tin Liu Village, Ma Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong


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2. Peak Circle Walk


If you want to experience an outing with your dog, but don't want to go too far away from the city, the Peak Circle Walk in Central and Western District is a perfect choice. The Peak Circular Walk is a relatively easy hiking trail that only takes about an hour and is not too strenuous for dogs and pet owners. Located near the Peak Galleria, the trail is shaded, with a grassy area and pavilion along the way, making it suitable for all inactive dogs. Take your dog for a special walk this weekend and enjoy the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour together!


Address: The Peak


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3. Hong Kong Golf Club (The Park located east of Fan Kam Road)


When you think of a golf course, you think of grassland, but both pet owners and dogs rarely have the chance to visit a golf course. But now, they do! The Hong Kong Golf Club recently opened their old course to the public (every day except on competition days), allowing everyone to bring their dogs for a walk on the huge grassland, roll in the grass, and enjoy the smell of nature together. If the weather is good, you can even have a picnic with your dog while watching the sunset, which is one of the most chill activities in early summer!


Address: Lot No. 1 Fan Kam Road, Sheung Shui, New Territories, Hong Kong


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