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5 Important Dates for Pets: Renewing licenses/ vaccinations/ health check-ups? PET-A-HOOD mobile app is here to help you!

5 Important Dates for Pets: Renewing licenses/ vaccinations/ health check-ups? PET-A-HOOD mobile app is here to help you!

Have you all begun composing the calendar for the year 2024? As they say, a new year brings new beginnings, and it is a commendable practice to reflect on the past and establish the significant dates for the upcoming year. As pet owners, it's also time to take a look at what important dates for your cats and dogs should be marked, to avoid missing out. Be sure to mark these following 5 major pet annual events on your 2024 calendar!

1)Renew Dog Licence


According to the legislation in Hong Kong, dog owners are required to implant a microchip, administer a rabies vaccination, and apply for a license for dogs that are five months old or older. The validity of the dog license is limited to three years. Upon its expiration, dog owners must take their dogs to an approved veterinary clinic to receive a renewed rabies vaccination in order to obtain a new license. Failure to renew the license in a timely manner may result in conviction and a fine of $10,000 for the dog owner. Therefore, please remember to check if your dog's license is expiring this year.




Administering vaccinations to cats and dogs can effectively prevent various highly contagious diseases, significantly reducing the risk of pet dying due to infectious diseases. Generally, vaccines are not permanently effective and require regular booster shots. In Hong Kong, the most common dog vaccine is the DHPPIL, while the feline vaccine is the FVRCP, both require annual booster shots. These two vaccines are capable of effectively preventing canine distemper, leptospirosis, enteritis, feline flu, viral rhinotracheitis, and various other viral infections. Neglecting to administer timely booster shots exposes pets to the risk of contracting these diseases, so it is important for owners to consult a veterinarian and keep track of the vaccination dates.



PET-A-HOOD APP offers a health record feature, allowing you to simply record the date and basic information. With just one app in hand, you can easily access all of your pets' medical records.


3)Body Check 


Both cats and dogs are experts at hiding pain and illness from their owners. Often, by the time symptoms appear, they are already very sick. That's why in addition to vaccinations, veterinarians also recommend scheduling regular check-ups for your pets to ensure their health. For adult pets, it is advisable to have them checked every year and a half, but for senior pets, it should be increased to at least once a year. Do you remember when was the last time you took your cat or dog for a check-up?


4)Renew Insurance 


In recent years, the options for pet insurance have expanded significantly, which greatly reduces the financial burden of owners. Insurance policies generally require annual renewal, and during the renewal process, premiums and coverage may be subject to change. Certain pet insurance providers may even decline renewal once the pet reaches a certain age. To avoid unexpected budget constraints when the insurance expires, it is advisable for pet owners to keep track of the expiration date and make arrangements in advance.


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5)Birthday / Gotcha Day

The final essential date that must be recorded in your calendar is the significant day of your fur babies' Birthday or the Gotcha Bay. Our beloved cats and dogs hold a special place in our hearts, and their birthdays are truly momentous occasions that deserve to be celebrated. If you are unsure of your pet's actual birthday, you can designate the day they joined your household as their celebration day and it was a day that changed all of our lives forever!


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PET-A-HOOD Calendar


Worried about missing out on these important dates? Make good use of the PET-A-HOOD Pet Event Calendar! Download the PET-A-HOOD mobile app for free and open the calendar feature located at the bottom of the page. In addition to browsing through pre-installed pet activities, members can also add their own pet schedules. With the PET-A-HOOD mobile app, you will receive message reminders when the schedule approaches, ensuring you never miss your pet's important days!



The PET-A-HOOD mobile app features an integrated pet activity scheduler, allowing you to stay updated on all pet events and stay connected to the latest happenings in the pet community.



Additionally, within the pet profiles, you can input your furry friend's daily health records. The mobile app also provides a reminder feature, effectively reminding pet owners to regularly administer medication or schedule vaccinations, ensuring the healthy growth of your beloved pets.


With just one app in hand, you can comprehensively record the growth and life files of your cats and dogs! Of course, there are other exciting features waiting for you to discover and explore! Starting from now, use the PET-A-HOOD mobile app to connect your life intelligently anytime, anywhere. Together, let's create a harmonious community where humans and pets can thrive!


《Download PET-A-HOOD Mobile APP》




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