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May 05, 2022

Dog-friendly Beaches in Hong Kong

It's heating up, and we all want to hit the beaches with our pups. Only problem is that dogs are not allowed on the gazetted beaches here in Hong Kong but lucky for you, we've got you covered!

April 28, 2022



April 21, 2022



April 14, 2022

Winner Announcement | PET-A-HOOD 1st Anniversary Giveaway Total prize value up to HK$8,000


April 08, 2022

寵物暫托|美好的體驗 成為暫養寵物義工

寵物暫托|美好的體驗 成為暫養寵物義工常說養寵物是一生一世的事,但有些情況之下,短暫的愛同樣足以媲美永恆。香港有不少機構都急須暫養義工,負責短期照顧未有家的待領養動物,做牠們短暫的「爸爸媽媽」。暫托義...

March 24, 2022

Quarantine at Home with pets I | 5 Potty training tips for dogs from dog trainer


March 24, 2022

Quarantine at Home with Pets II | 4 Tips to burn the energy of your dogs from Dog Trainer during Work-From-Home


March 17, 2022

3 Tips from veterinarian to prevent skin problem of your pets during humid season

Spring is coming, it is also an alert of the humid weather. Not only the window frames, floors, and walls of the home would be frantically dripping with water, but even your hair and skin always felt...

March 14, 2022

【White Valentine's Day Special 】Photo Contest | New members only! Chance to win HK$100 supermarket e-voucher


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