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PURINA ONE® 3 Week Challenge | Cat owners experiences with Immune Defence+ Improvement in immunity and overall health

PURINA ONE® 3 Week Challenge | Cat owners experiences with Immune Defence+ Improvement in immunity and overall health

PURINA ONE® dry cat food is developed by PURINA® veterinarians and nutritionists and made in Australia. The addition of vitamin C, E, omega 3, 6, and beta-glucan to the new formula helps support your cat’s natural defences from the inside out. 

More than a hundred of participants took part in the PURINA ONE® 3-Week Challenge and the improvement in the health of cats is signficant. The following three cat owners are delighted to share their experiences in an effort to improve cats' health.


2-year-old British Shorthair Brother ChuHealthier faeces and no more spitting hairballs


Brother Chu used to throw up hairballs. His owner tried feeding him hairball relief product, but it caused him to get constipated, making his owner reluctant to try again. Knowing that the PURINA ONE® Hairball Formula is specially designed to support the health of cats' skin and fur can help to safeguard cats' overall health. With no artificial colors, spices and preservatives added, it is safe and reliable to experience with confidence.


Brother Chu's owner noticed that Brother Chu's hair had strengthened and gained luster three weeks later. Previously, Brother Chu's hair could be easily combed out,  but the problem has been resolved. His digestive health is excellent, and hair swallowed can be easily removed through his feces. The important thing to note is that Brother Chu really enjoys the taste of PURINA ONE® and is constantly eager to devour them. Previously, after eating other types of cat food, Brother Chu would fall into a food coma, becoming lazy and immobile. Brother Chu will play for a short time before going to bed now after his meal. His owner is delighted, seeing that he is clearly in a great mood.




Brother Chu, "PURINA ONE® tastes good and is healthy! Pleasae continue feeding me with this cat food even after three weeks!“


Interviewee: @3brother.chu


Tiny Domestic Shorthair Siu Siu - Imroved appetite and gain in muscles


Siu Siu is a small, slender cat who can be picky when it comes to eating. The owner of Siu Siu has experimented with different types of cat foods to meet Siu Siu's nutritional needs. Siu Siu tried the PURINA ONE® Indoor Advantage Formula this time, it is specially designed for cats that stay indoor.


She enjoys it a lot! Now, Siu Siu is frequently anticipating food and has a strong appetite. She is gradually becoming into a big eater! Siu Siu is visibly more energetic than before; instead of becoming tired easily as she used to, she chases her brother every day to let off energy. With adequate nutrition, more exercise, and muscle-building training, Siu Siu no longer has a thin appearance. Siu Siu's owner praises her for now having a typical body type!


Additionally, the owner of Siu Siu noted that they had previously eaten some dry food that was overly oily, which resulted in the formation of black dots on Siu Siu's chin. There is no longer a black chin problem after experienced PURINA ONE®. Siu Siu's entire body now has thicker, smoother hair than it had previously. Even though domestic cats have short hair, the shine in the hair has improved significantly.




Siu Siu: " The most exciting moment for me every day is to eat PURINA ONE® !"


Interviewee: @siusun_journey


Five elder cats in a house - Smooth hair and good mood


Having an elderly at home is like having a treasure. This family is fortunate to own five cats older than ten years old. The oldest is Bobo, who is 18 years old already. These furry kids need special care. Since older cats have less appetite and less vitality, they need to be supplied with precise nutrition to enhance their energy.


Beginning at age 2, the majority of cats progressively get lazier as they age. The PURINA ONE® Adult 7+ Formula that these 5 elder cats experienced not only can strengthening the cat's immune protection, but is also mixed with DHA, vitamins and minerals to help support the cat's brain health.


The cats' appetites enhanced after eating the PURINA ONE® and they gobbled up their food like crazy. A few of the cats used to have slimmer bodies, but after switching cat food, they began to look chubbier. Their owner laughed and noticed that the cats' charm had risen significantly. The five older cats have fewer tantrums and were more energetic and playful after consuming PURINA ONE®. They were also generally happier.



The sixth cat in the family Mug Mug Chu: “Other than the 5 old cats at home, there is still us, the younger ones! Let me be the representatives to help taste the food and take pictures~”

 (Bobo: Don’t steal elders’ food!))


Interviewee: @8.meow_home


In addition to the aforementioned three families, many cats have tried the PURINA ONE® Immune Defence Plus+ formula, and they have reported that in just three weeks, it is apparent that their appetite, vitality, digestive function, and hair have all been enhanced. The PURINA ONE® dry cat food combines deliciousness with high-quality nutrition to bring health and happiness to cats.




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