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Pet Glamping in Hong Kong | The Complete Guide to Pet-Glamping sites costing from $500 (Attached with Camping To Bring List)

Pet Glamping in Hong Kong | The Complete Guide to Pet-Glamping sites costing from $500 (Attached with Camping To Bring List)

During the pandemic, travel might not be an option now. Let's spend more time together with your pet in Hong Kong. Apart from petcation, some other popular activities include going Glamping with your adorable furbabies. This time, Pet-a-hood has compiled a list of Glamping tips and recommendations to Glamping newbies! Enjoy the holiday together in nature with your pets!


Places-to-go: Glamping


Pastoral Glamping


The campsite has just moved and reopened in Shek Kong, added with new facilities and more spacious area. Each site is provided with brand new individual washrooms, there are 3 types of sites to choose from, including the 'starry night' camp, the 'tribe' camp and 'boat' camp.


The interior design incoporates many details for photo-taking, for example, the 'tribe' camp uses bohemian style as the theme by decorating with mosaic lamps, patterned carpets, emoboidery cushions, leather bean bags etc, which are perfect for photo-taking. Each campsites has a maximum capacity of 2 pets, the maximum weight for dogs is 20 kg.


• Per capita consumption: from HK$500

• Address: Shui Lau Tin Tsuen, Skek Kong Airfield Road, Skek Kong, Pat Heung, N.T.

• Details:


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Picnicking By Misaka - Luxury Picnic Styling Service


If you are still wondering how to make your Glamping look Instagrammable, Picnicking By Misaka would be a nice solution for pawrents. They help each customers to plan their own customed picnic, so that every guest would enjoy a wonderful and unique experience. For an affordable price, they will help pawrents to set-up decors, arrange flowers and even help you clean up. Paw-rents need not worry about pets feeling bored, Misaka will help you two set up the purr-fect date night! Picnicking by Misaka will launch a pet picnic experience at Pet-a-hood, please pay close attention!


• Basic Package: From HK$650

• Details:


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Park Nature


Park Nature covers 40,000 ft provides a large variety of choices of camping cars, the most popular one is the star gazing camping car. Gazing stars through the large sunroof while laying in bed, how romantic is that? Pets are welcome to all camping cars, pet cushions are provided in it, with spacious grassland and pet cafe serving fresh meals, pet swimming pool and pet grooming services are also included, definitely the most pet-friendly place-to-go!


• Per capita consumption: from HK$500

• Address: 54 San Tam Road, San Tin, New Territories

• Details:


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JK Club


JK Club provides campervans for two or four to five people. The campsite is located along the Pui O Beach, an ecological reserve in Southern Lantau. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Tung Chung. There is a large grassland within the campsite, with beaches and various hiking trails neaby, where you can catch clams, watch sunset, hike, etc. Pets are welcome to the campsite, and no additional charge is required, but pets are not allowed to enter the camper. They are required to stay in the freely provided dog house next to the camper whch may not be acceptable for all owners.


• Per capita consumption: from HK$500

• Address: 11a Lo Wai Village, Pui O, Lantau Island

• Details:


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Long Coast Seasports


It is located in Changsha, Lantau Island, it takes only 20 minutes' drive from Tung Chung. It is a very convenient camping site. There are two types of campers incluindg luxury campers and campers. It is next to Changsha beach. You can rent canoes, surfboards, windsurfers, soft-body surfboards and upright surfboards etc. There are also restaurants, BBQ area and playgrounds for children. Pets are allowed to stay but dogs are not allowed to sleep on the bed, and the owner must bring their own cushions for the pets.


• Per capita consumption: From HK$940

• Address: 29 Lower Cheung Sha Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

• Details:


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Located in the outskirts of Yuen Long, each Wecamp campsite has its own theme and so you can have a lot of fun with your pets! The viewing platform of the Glamping area is made of wood. There are Indian camps of different sizes, and independent air-conditioning, so you need not worry about the heat in summer! You can get a 20% discount if you rent a car from Camp Kingdom and book a place in Wecamp! It's worth noting that Wecamp charges a $50 pet fee per pet.


• Per capita consumption: From HK$1,000

• Address: Fung Kat Heung, Kam Tin, Yuen Long

• Details:


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Camp Kingdom


Camp Kingdom focuses on the new car rooftop tent camp experience, even if you are a camping newbie, you need not worry! Owners can take pets everywhere in the vehicles they offer, saving a lot of time. Camp Kingdom offers a lot of package options, including various camping equipment, so that owners can book according to their needs. Enjoy a getaway with your furkids from the cities’ hustle and bustle!


• Per capita consumption: HK$2,000

• Address: Fung Kat Heung, Kam Tin, Yuen Long

• Details:


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Art Farm


Art Farm is a new family style campsite located in So Kwun Wat in Tuen Mun. It has just begun operating since last year and remain as the only camping carsite in Tuen Mun. The site covers 20,000 ft of land, with only 2 English 4-6 person camping cars.


The surroundings is generally tranquil. Apart from the spacious grassland, the site also provides tents, barbeque pits and projectors for rental, nearby attractions include Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, Hong Kong Gold Coast, Sam Shing Seafood Market and Butterfly Beach. The price of camping car rental ranges from $1,600/night, maximum capacity for 4 people, only $400/person, pets are welcome as well but additional $100 will be charged for each.


• Per capita consumption: From HK$500

• Address: So Kwun Wat, Tuen Mun

• Details:


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Pet Glamping To-bring List


After making up your mind on the camping site, it's time for packing! Some sites are well-equipped so you may go there without packing much, but not all of the sites are that considerate. So make sure to inquire the campsite beforehand so that you could enjoy your time!


Pets Camping To Bring List Hooman’s Camping To bring List
Portable Pet Bowl Backpack
Portable Pet Cushion/Mat Sleeping bag
Pet Bag/Carrier Sleeping pad
Waste Bag Pillows
Anti-ticks and anti-flea product Cooking equipment
Dry food/drinking water/snacks Camping tables, camping chair
Pet Warning Light Lamps
Pet muzzle (for large dogs) Dry food/drinking water/snacks
Pet stroller or carrier bag Cooler bags
Pets FIrst Aid Kit Power Bank
  Outdoor FIrst Aid Kit
  Tableware & Ziploc
  Garbage bag
  Sunscreen and insect repellent


Portable Pet Bowls


If you're going out with your pet, you'll need some lightweight and convenient supplies. Pet bowls are a must-have for any pet owner. Waterproof pet bowls that are lightweight, foldable, and easy to store are recommended for owners. It will be more handy if the pet bowl can be attached to the backpack or leash.


Ruff and Fetch Portable Pet Bowls


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Pet Mat/Cushion


It's unavoidable that pets will be anxious about leaving their comfortable bed at home. It is recommended that owners prepare a mat for their pets. A lightweight, foldable, and easy-to-transport camping mat allows the kids to nap and relax peacefully anytime, anyplace. To keep your pet dry and comfortable outside, choose a mat made of 100% cotton that is comfortable and breathable, soft to the touch, and has minimal risk of allergies.


Ruff and Fetch Portable Mat



Pet Bag/ Carrier


Bringing a cross-body carrier makes taking care of your pet more convenient. They can curl up in the owner's arms and follow you while you explore around. It is preferable to have a buckle in the backpack to keep them secure and safe. All owners should invest in a cross-body bag with ample storage space for snacks, change, cell phones, keys, and other essentials.


Ruff and Fetch Pet Bag



Poo Bag from the Invisible Company


Taking proper care of pets is the basic job of owners, therefore owners must pick up the poop of their furkids! Many pet owners pick up their pet's waste using plastic bags, however there are now more environmentally friendly solutions! The plastic bags from Invisible Poo Bag are not only soluble in hot water, but also entirely degradable and will not form microplastics that will harm the environment! Clean up your pet's feces using Invisible Poo Bag, not just for the sake of other campers, but also for the purpose of the environment!


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Drinking Water/Food/Snacks


Furbabies are naturally hungry after a day of roaming around. Owners should prepare meals, snacks and bring clean drinking water in advance. If your pet is accustomed to eating fresh food, the host should store it in the refrigerator to avoid it from turning bad.


Anti-tick and anti-flea products


Not only does the outdoor provides plenty of options for furkids to run and play, but your pets are also. The owner must adequately eliminate fleas and cattle ticks in order to avoid pets from being bitten by them and contracting infections. Anti-flea and tick products come in a variety of forms, including sprays, drops, tick belts, and more. The owner can ask veterinarians to select products that suits them best.


Search for Pet Supplies:



The outdoors is never the same as home, and even if you like the beauty of nature, danger may lurk within. Wild boars, stray dogs, and even snakes may encounter your pets. Before the trip, the owners should carefully organize the journey, including knowing the closest veterinary clinic to the camp in case of any emergency.


First aid supplies for pets


Pets are lively and active. Whether at home or out, there is a chance of accidental injury. If you have a first aid kit, you can treat small wounds by yourself and treat large wounds initially in order to prevent infection. Please also bring first aid kits when you go out to play with your pets in case of emergency.




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Search for Vet Clinics





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