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How to become a Pet Agent?

How to become a Pet Agent?

We are now recruiting Pet Agent!

Simply register as PET-A-HOOD's member for free and completed specific tasks! Being a Pet Agent of PET-A-HOOD, not only will your pet receives an agent kit, they will get the chance to be featured on PET-A-HOOD's channel and become a pet KOL! 

For the first time, PET-A-HOOD and pat a pet collaborated together to present the Brand New PET-A-HOOD Agent Kit, which is a personalized Pet Agent Bandana with your pet's name! Learn more about how to become a Pet Agent! 


pat a pet  is a designer brand based in Hong Kong, that proudly manufactures its products in Hong Kong to help small local factories and uses high-quality fabric from Korea and Japan. pat a pet respect for animal life, highlighting the value of pets as part of the family, and is a strong advocate of adopting, don't shop, and no abandon! 





1. Download PET-A-HOOD mobile app and register as PET-A-HOOD member for free


Click here to download for iOS users


Click here to download for Andriod users




2. Write at least 30 reviews on PET-A-HOOD, save 30 favourite businesses, events & blogs under "My Favorites"



Write a review of any store, veterinary clinic, restaurant, cafe or any place listed on PET-A-HOOD's website. Each review on the location or shop only entitles to one count for each user.


30 Reviews should be written across 3 different categories (Services, Places-to-go or Shops), with at least 1 review in each category. All reviews should include related photos. Last, save at least 30 favourite pet businesses, events and blogs under "My Favorites" in order to fulfill the requirement. For events and blogs, there should have at least 5 favourites in each section.


PET-A-HOOD will reject, move or delete any review which contains inappropriate, malicious or promotional content or is copied or plagiarized from other reviews, and shall reserve the rights to remove or not to publish any review content at its sole discretion without reason nor notice.



3. Create a complete Account Profile & Pet Profile



Complete the account profile (Left) and pet profile including fashion size and weight.


Members should complete the account profile and pet profile, including the "Add a Pet" page, fashion size and weight on the PET-A-HOOD mobile app.



4. Follow at least 10 PET-A-HOOD members



Click the user profile picture if you are interested in, and click "Follow" to follow your favourite pet account.


Members should follow 10 or more PET-A-HOOD member accounts, to discover more local pet-friendly merchants.



5. Create a Public Social Media Fan Page Account for your pet


All Pet Agents are required to have a public and individual social media account to help promote the PET-A-HOOD platform.


6. After completing the above steps, PET-A-HOOD will check the reviews within 14 days and upgrade membership tiers manually. PET-A-HOOD will notify the suitable members via email.



PET Agent:Dan Dan & Pancake



Agent Kit



Agent card:

As a Pet Agent, your pet definitely needs an agent card for verification! Bring the agent card along and complete the tasks assigned by PET-A-HOOD! 


PET-A-HOOD x pat a pet Agent Bandana:

Pet name will be printed on the bandana, which makes it unique for your pet! Wear the bandana to your missions and highlight your Pet Agent identity!



Looking foward to having your pets on board as Pet Agents!


PET-A-HOOD is looking foward to your joining!


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