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Exclusive membership offer: x PET-A-HOOD PET DAY

Exclusive membership offer: x PET-A-HOOD PET DAY

Headline! We are excited to announce that《 x PET-A-HOOD PET DAY》exclusive membership offer is available every 5th of the month!



Offer Details:


Starting from June to the end of 2022,《 x PET-A-HOOD PET DAY》exclusive membership offer is available every 5th of the month, upon any spending HK$400 on Pinkoi’s pet items can get HK$40 off! A large variety of pet food, pet supplies, handmade and craft design are waiting for you. The offer is exclusively for PET-A-HOOD members only, log-in in to your account and visit 【My Vouchers】for more details.


Pinkoi Featured Pet Products: 


Five-color Health Food Pack-Gastrointestinal Adjustment Formula (Beef)


Fresh meat with pleurotus eryngii, white fungus, and other yellow foods will help hairy children's intestinal health, help digestion and absorption, and improve constipation.

Insist on not using preservatives, and sterilize everything at a high temperature to perfectly seal every nutritious and mouthwatering food. It can be stored at room temperature without opening.

Ready to eat once opened. Heating is not required. All breeds of cats and dogs can be fed.


Cat staple food 98% fresh meat staple food


Always away from home? You have the option of choosing a healthy option in addition to low-protein, high-carbon, high-temperature processed feed! In order to eliminate moisture, seal in the flavor and nutrients of the ingredients, and produce 98 percent fresh meat chow that genuinely recovers the carnivorous instincts of canines and felines, litomon roasts fresh raw meat at low temperatures and slowly. No matter how busy you are, the health of little monsters must be treated seriously!


Pet Bib Collar


Pet Bib - Kingsway (01-Deep Jungle Green)


Hello Kitty loves momotone / show face neckerchief


Momotone collaborates with Sanrio to go to school with Hello Kitty. This collection features groundbreaking designs, details that will slot seamlessly into your paws' everyday wardrobe no matter the season. Always high on quality, low on environmental impact.




Mongster Dog Harness with Free Name Embroidery

We wanted to design it to appear attractive from the front because dog photography has been a steadily growing hobby for many owners. Uses light and thin fabrics, which are not too hot in summer. There are several color choices and free name embroidery available (Default Fonts & Color)

pat a pet 

Pet Bandana with Personalize Name


Made in Hong Kong, Korea fabric.


Building Block Cat Scratch Board


Building Block Cat Scratch Board won the Best Design Award at the 2021 Asia Pet Show.

Inspired by Tetris. Unlimited creativity can be combined at will. Let cats also play classic mini-games.


Shimao Anti-UV Cooling Clothes


The vest's material is ideal for use by fur kids since it is breathable, cool, and comfortable, has UV resistant, is highly practical, and can be worn by pets in a variety of climates.



If you haven't registered as a PET-A-HOOD and Pinkoi ’s member, click the below link and register now!


Register as a PET-A-HOOD member:

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5th! 5th! 5th! Let’s shopping at Pinkoi every 5th of the month!


* Offers are subject to specific terms and conditions.



Terms and Conditions:


1. Promotional period: From June 2022 to December 2022, every 5th of the month.

2. During the promotional period, purchase any pet items, and enter specific coupon code to get HK$ 40 off on orders worth at least HK$ 400 (The value of an order is calculated using the amount after shop discount and does not include shipping and transaction fees.)

3. For the coupon code, please refer to PET-A-HOOD website. Coupon code will be updated every month.

4. To enjoy this offer, the account must be both Pinkoi and PET-A-HOOD members.

5. Each account can only enjoy once.

6. Combined checkout is suitable for use with this offer.

7. This offer is only appliable in Hong Kong and Macau.

8. If an order is canceled, any P Coins issued for it will also be revoked.

9. First purchase discounts cannot be used in combination with this discount. The system will automatically apply the optimal discount.

10. Consumption vouchers are applicable for this promotion. Payment methods are limited to Tap & Go and AlipayHK.

11. If customers chose Tap & Go as the payment method, the order must be paid via "Credit/debit card payment". Orders paid via "Apple Pay" and "Google Pay" will not be applicable.

12. Offer is valid for use once the outlined terms and conditions have been met and Pinkoi Discount Regulations have been complied with. For regulation details, please refer to:

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