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Solution to reduce your allergic reactions to Cats

Solution to reduce your allergic reactions to Cats

What if a cat owner is allergic to cats?


Cat-holic FIFI and her 6YO exotic shorthair cat Gut Gut. Unfortunately, she feels itching and red rash appears on her body if she stays close with Gut Gut.


According to the research*, over 1/5 adults of the global population are allergic to cats. It’s unavoidable as the allergens will stick on cat fur and dander via cat’s saliva. Despite this, there’s always a way out as long as you love cats.



Doctor’s advice: Better to raise a dog instead of a cat


Fifi loved Gut Gut at first sight when she met him 5 years ago and he is FiFi’s first owned cat. Recent years, FIFI starting to show allergic reactions towards Gut Gut, and her skin will turn sensitive after some close contact with Gut Gut. Some red rash will appear on her arms and feel itchy every time she hugs or touches Gut Gut. Even more, FiFi’s neck and body will feel the same and red rash appearing everywhere. Though itching is not fatal, it’s very troublesome and influencing her daily life. It’s not healthful to let it be as the skin is being sensitive or inflammation at all times.



FiFi herself has nasal allergy and she affirms that is not related to her cat, but the sensitive skin issue must be caused by Gut Gut. The truth is, the allergic symptoms will be reduced in an hour when FIFI stay away from Gut Gut. While FIFI thought that there was no urgency to consult the doctor. Until the day there is a red rash stayed on her skin for more than one week and without any sign of recovery, so she decided to consult the doctor.


This was the ever-worst experience for FiFi. The doctor knew that FIFI is a cat owner, so it is intuitively easy to point the reason caused by the cat. “Raise a dog next time, there is only a few years left for the cat.” said the doctor. FiFi was mad about it though the doctor only brushed over the case. “What do you mean by only a few years left? Gut Gut is my family member, he is neither an object nor a toy. It’s ridiculous! “said FIFI. FIFI expressed that she won’t abandoned Gut Gut at any reason and this allergic issue won’t affect her love towards all the cats. “After I had raised Gut Gut, my love towards cats is even stronger than before” said FIFI.



Keep distancing, avoid close contact with Cats


FIFI loves holding Gut Gut in her arm, touching and even kissing Gut Gut every morning before she discovers that she is allergic to cats. She can only keep distancing and avoid close contact with Gut Gut. “Itching, red rash won’t have scared me. I will avoid taking any medicine if it’s not too serious” said FiFi.


All cats have its own personality. Though Gut Gut loves stick with FiFi, however, he doesn’t really love being touch at all. “Maybe Gut Gut knows my skin will be sensitive if I stay too close with him” said FIFI. “No Hugs, No touches. Actually, is what I want only. If there is no negative impact to Gut Gut, I would rather keep distancing with him”.



The allergy is just coming suddenly, FIFI suspects if it maybe a signal from her body’s healthiness. As she thinks that cat fur may be one of the cause, therefore FiFi had purchased an air purifier to try solving the problem but there was no improvement at all.


“I just discover that the allergen is actually come from cat’s saliva but not cat’s fur. I have read that Pro Plan has invented a new cat food which can reduce the allergic reactions of the cat owner by changing the cats’ diet and it’s supported by immunologists’ research. I have also granted a chance to experience this cat food. I am willing to try as long as it benefits Gut Gut.” Being allergic to cats is not the fault of Gut Gut, if there are ways to offer cats a better nutrition as well as reducing the allergy reactions, it’s always worth to try.



No more allergic reaction after shifting to new cat food for 3 weeks


Gut Gut had gastroenteritis when he was one year old, he has been taking a doctor-recommended gastrointestinal formula for several years. After consulting the doctor, Gut Gut began to experience PURINA® PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR™ Series™️. Fortunately, Gut Gut showed interest in PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR™ Series even he is fussy about food. Therefore, FIFI started to switch Gut Gut’s daily meal to the new cat food with the guidelines from PURINA ® .


Allergy symptoms appeared on FiFi very often when she has close contact with Gut Gut. Therefore, FiFi has always been accustomed to keeping an appropriate distance from Gut Gut. Right after Gut Gut's had switched his daily meal to PURINA®️ PRO PLAN®️ LIVECLEAR Series™️, FiFi would only dare to hug or hold Gut Gut for a very short period of time. Around 10 days later, FiFi was pleasantly surprised to find that her allergy symptoms were much relieved than before. Rashes, the itching symptoms no longer appear , even after washing hands.



In the following days, FiFi tried to get more close contact with Gut Gut. 21 days after Gut Gut eating PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR™ Series™️ LIVE CLEAR, FiFi's allergic reactions has all disappeared.



From the beginning where FiFi was allergic towards Gut Gut and until now, the allergy situations of FiFi were much better. Fifi has realized that’s the benefits brought by the PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR™ Series! FiFi can now hug Gut Gut every day, groom his hair on her own, and even have more close contact with Gut Gut. Worries about allergy problems are all gone. FiFi can kiss her beloved cat at any time, the only thing left to concern is the willingness of Gut Gut.





Most people think that the allergen of cats is caused by cat fur. However, according to the research from De Ebenezer Satyarij, “Protein Fel d1” are found in cat’s saliva which 95% the people who are allergic to cats will show allergic reactions.



Over a decade of research by the scientists at PURINA®, the team has successfully discovered the actual allergen and hence launched the world's first PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR™ series. Protein has been extracted from egg to stimulate the generation of antibody and neutralize the allergen in cat’s saliva. It can significantly reduce the level of allergen in cat’s body and after feeding for three weeks^. Probiotics are also added to improve cat’s intestinal health and strengthen their immune system.



PURINA® PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR™ series provide total of 4 formulas: Kitten formula, Indoor Hairball Control formula, Urinary Care formula and also the Adult 7+ formula to serve different needs of cats.


Product Details:


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Interviewee:FIFI IG: @kawaiicat_gut


^*Satyataj E. et al, Immunity Inflammation and Disease. 2019; 7(2): 68-73.





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