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Considerations before getting a pet

Considerations before getting a pet

Want to keep a pet? Wait, keeping pets is a lifetime commitment. Are you sure that you really think carefully and are well prepared? Whether you want to raise a cat or a dog, or fall in love with hamsters, bunnies, or reptiles, to be responsible for a life, you must consider the following six points:


1. Living environment


Does your place allow you to keep pets? Let’s take the rental of public housing estates as an example.

If you live in one of the public housing estates, you can only keep small household pets that pose no environmental hygienic problems. Otherwise, points will be allotted under the existing Marking Scheme for Estate Management Enforcement in Public Housing Estates. On the other hand, for tenants with genuine need for keeping service dogs under special circumstances, such as keeping of guide dogs for tenants with visual and audio disabilities or keeping of dog for tenants in need of accompany of a dog for mental support as substantiated by medical practitioners, special permission would be granted on discretion by the Housing Authority. Some private housing estates also expressly stipulate that pets are not allowed, so whether pets are accepted in the place of residence is the first step.



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Next, you have to think about whether your home furnishings can meet the needs of your pets? For example, if you want to raise a cat, it is necessary to install a cat net, and you don’t want your cat to become a trapeze, right? Secondly, with regard to the placement of pet equipment, cats need a clean and spacious cat sand tray, a scratching board for expressing emotions, and a space for them to jump and climb. Can you be satisfied? If you want to raise a large dog, do you have enough space for activities? It is the basic responsibility of the owner to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for pets.



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2. Opinions from your family


Just like marriage, keeping pets is never a personal matter, it's a family matter. No matter what kind of pets you own, they will bark, make noises, walk around, and smell, and they will also change the environment of the housing enterprise. For example, animals with long hairs will inevitably lose their hair. Do your family members have nasal allergies? Will it be allergic? Not every dog ​​is 100% obediently pointing out a place to urinate. Can your family accept that you step on the pet's excrement when you open the door? Many animals are afraid of heat, or need to keep the air conditioner on for a long time, do your family members agree? The whole family must communicate clearly before keeping a pet to avoid conflicts.



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3. Financial Capability


Can you afford the fee for keeping pets? Food, snacks, cat litter/dog changing mats, toys, etc. are all constant expenses for raising cats and dogs. In addition, the owner should also prepare for medical expenses. In addition to basic expenses such as body check, flea removal, vaccinations, medicine, etc., in case the pet has any shortcomings or dizziness, the price of a veterinarian is sometimes more expensive than a human doctor. Please be mentally prepared.



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4. Future plans


Are you ready to take care your pets for a lifetime? The average life span of cats and dogs is more than ten years, and the longest-lived dog in the world lives to 30 years old. Don't think that small animals must be short-lived. Although hamsters and bunnies have a short lifespan, such as Chinchillas can live to 20 years old. So a long-term plan is necessary. If you will immigrate in the future, have you figured out how to take the fur boy with you? If you are single now, do you have a firm belief that you can find the other half who accepts the fur boy? Please remember that once you become the master, abandoning should never be a choice.



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5. Time Management


Keeping pets always takes time to take care of. In addition to basic feeding, excrement cleaning, beauty treatment, and cleaning, they also need to get along with each other. Dogs exercise a lot and need to go for a walk with their owners. They also expect their owners to play toys with them. Cats and cats are relatively independent, but they still play coquettishly, and they also like to play with cat sticks. After work, do you still have the energy to accompany your pet?



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6. Your own psychological quality


Are you determined enough to accept your pet? If a tengu dog bites your designer handbag, will you go crazy? If a Tmall cat scratches you, can you bear it? When the hairy boy is old, no longer cute, or unbehaved, are you willing to take care of it forever? Pets are like children, naughty and uncontrollable. They are cute and heartwarming, but there are bound to be disappointing times. If you can't accept it, don't ask for trouble.



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Remember, the world of furkids is only you. Once they recognize you as the master, they will recognize you for a lifetime. Before you pick up furkids and go home, prepare yourself first~



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