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Why Cats Not Using the Litter Box?

Why Cats Not Using the Litter Box?

Despite litter boxes are available, it's not uncommon to have domestic cats refusing to use them. This is one of the common behavioral problems of cats. There are different reasons behind this, including disgust to litter box, health issues, or stress. 



Cats have an inborn preference to a clean environment and that's one of the reasons we love cats. But interestingly, some caregivers forget about this on the litter box. Cats don't use dirty litter boxes. If there's left over when a cat wants to use the litter box, it's just like a non-flushed toilet to us, will you use it? 




Another reason is the type of litter. There are many types of cat litter in the market, many caregivers focus on the ease of use rather than the feeling of their cats when choosing the cat litters. Letting the cats to choose their preferred type of cat litter is helpful in preventing litter box problem. Moreover, litterbox should not be put in a busy location like living room as cats prefer doing business in a quiet place. Reasonable enough, isn't it? 




Health problems, such as cystitis or FLUTD, or joint problems which make cats unable to enter litterboxes with high entrance, can also be reasons to litterbox problem. Cats may associate the discomfort caused by these health conditions with the litterbox and refuse to use even after the health conditions is treated. 


Other causes include incontinence by old cats, past negative experience of litterbox, insufficient litterboxes in multi-cat household, anxiety etc. Caregivers should try to find out the causes behind the problem instead of punishing their cats for not using litter boxes, which only will worsen the situation. Bring your cat to the vet to see if the problem is caused by health issues and make necessary adjustment. Consult a behavioral expert if problem persists. 


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