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Places to Go | Newest Pet Supplies Store Cups N Paws in Lohas Park With Spaceship theme

Places to Go | Newest Pet Supplies Store Cups N Paws in Lohas Park With Spaceship theme

The hit pet supplies and grooming brand Whiskers N Paws located in Hong Kong Island has just launched its new grooming café Cups N Paws in The Lohas on 9th April, 2023 with the theme of spaceship and pet planet. As Pet Agent, it is impossible to miss out the big moment! Our pet agents have joined the PET-A-HOOD exclusive pawty recently and received priority access on the “APawllo”. 



Cups N Paws Emphasizes the Idea of Pet and Human Friendly Café 


Cups N Paws occupies around 2500 sq.ft, having a crossover with the local specialty coffee roaster brand Cupping Room Coffee Roasters to create the concept of highly compatible human and pet leisure area.

Aside from providing good quality of pet grooming service, well-chosen pet products and high quality of coffee and food are also provided. Cups N Paws has different type of workshops and musical activities so as to create an innovative and healing community between human and pets. Under the comfy atmosphere of Cups N Paws, no matter you have a pet or not, you can still surely enjoy a leisure moment. 


Spaceship themed pet grooming service with stylish cabin photo shooting area 


Spaceship and pet planet theme is one of the gimmicks of Cups N Paws, and there are lots of intagramable photo shooting areas! The sharp and attractive spaceship is actually a pet grooming room that allows dogs to relax and enjoy the joy of grooming. There are windows along the sides of the spaceship to allow owners to observe their pets while enjoying the  beverages and food. 



After enjoying the grooming service, dogs will return to the Earth by passing through a colourful space tunnel and walk out of the cabin with a fresh outlook. They can meet with their owners immediately when the cabin door is opened, and owners can record the scene with their phones. 



This tunnel is a famous spot in Cups N Paws! Pet Agent Tofujai, Fatfat, Goofy, Mungmung and Chacha has taken lots of pictures here! 



This is a well-designed photo shooting wall with a starry theme. And the wooden planets are actually a table with pets’ rest site. With the circular visible design, your pets will not be disrupted by anything. Pet Agent Pancake and Fatfat has taken pictures as commemoration already! 


Well-chosen and High Quality Pet Products 


There is a designed area with selling pet products chosen all over the world, that prioritise the joy and health of pets inside the shop, including snacks, food, pet toys, pet grooming and healthcare products etc. 



Pet Agent Sofu is so excited to see the huge number of snacks! 


Cups N Paws has chosen a lot of high quality and 100% natural and human-graded snacks, without any preservatives and additives, so that owners are more secure. 



High quality dog food can be found in Cups N Paws, including organic, grain-free formula and sustainable dog food, satisfying different dogs with different needs. 



There are having high quality pet supplies all around the world to satisfy the daily needs of pets. Pet Agent Honey loves them! 



With a series of fun and safe toys to help the growth of mentality and physical of pets, that can help to increase more interactions between pets and owners and strengthen their relationships.

Pet Agent Ding C : Only kids make their choice, I want all!  


Try Out the Tasty Food and Beverages Offered by Cupping Room 



Cups N Paws food and drink menu is designed by the Cupping Room Professional Team, with the usage of local fresh and sustainable ingredients to produce a series of modern, healthy and tasty dishes, showing their high standard towards taste and innovation.


Same as Whiskers N Paws, they provide both human and pet menu, and there is no any preservatives, chemical additives, artificial colors and fillers used in the pet menu. Natural and healthy pet food can bring better hair, increased energy and healthy stomach. 



Cups N Paws uses locally fresh and sustainable ingredients to produce a series of modern, healthy and tasty Australian dishes. 


They also have two different Paws Happy Meal: Chicken and Pumpkin set and Salmon and Mushroom set, and tasty fried chicken drumstick and chocolate cookie (made by animals’ liver) as well as 100% vegan coconut ice-cream will be provided too. Café also provides a series of healthy space themed snacks, for example healthy and tasty biscuits that made by chicken, goats’ milk and oats. 



2 different Paws Happy Meal for your pet!


The theme of the indoor area is solar with light color as the main tone, and there are also some plantings to create a simple and leisure dining area. The 3-stored wooden step has allowed customers and their pets to gather closely and spend a wonderful time.  



Pet Agent Wood and Forest are so satisfied with the interior designs and environment of Cups N Paws! We are coming again! 


Pet Agents joining the PET-A-HOOD exclusive pawty can also receive an inclusive offer! Aside from having a priority to experience the services and facilities, each of them had received a limited tote bag with their name printed on it, and there are different gifts inside! 



Pet Agent Kwan Tung Tung: So many gifts! If you want to join different experiencing activities, be our Pet Agent now! 



Every pet agent could also receive fancy pictures and photo frame, so as to mark their experience on the spaceship! 


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There are 2 exits in Cups N Paws, allowing customers to get into the opening area of the shop outside or inside the mall. 



On every Wednesday, Cups N Paws will hold a Cats’ Night and welcome all cats to gather together and make new friends. The period only allows cats getting in, so as to make sure the environment is stress-free. It is very sweet for them to make sure all the cats can feel comfortable inside the area. If your cats love going out and making new friends, then you have to stay tuned to Cups N Paws activities announcements! 


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Cups N Paws(分享的貼文


Cups N Paws(Whiskers N Paws Lohas Park)


Address:The LOHAS Shopping Mall Shop 358

Phone:2552 6200





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