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Hong Kong Pet-friendly Transportation Service with Exclusive Membership Offer

Hong Kong Pet-friendly Transportation Service with Exclusive Membership Offer

Although pet-friendly transportation is not widely available in Hong Kong, and it is common to get refused with lots of limitations, however, there are actually different pet transportation platforms in Hong Kong that provide point to point transportation services, satisfying the different needs of owners and pets with a reasonable price. No matter you are visiting the vets, or going on a date with friends, there will always be a platform that fulfill your needs!




As an one-stop express delivery platform, Lalamove offers pet transportation services as well. Owners only have to access to Lalamove mobile app, filling in the locations, choose the option for pet transportation service and pay an extra HK$10 to enjoy the service. However, if there are more than 5 pets, then owners have to discuss with the driver on the additional price. While having a large team, Lalamove is able to accept order faster while comparing to other platforms. Moreover, Lalamove uses vans as transportation, and a larger cargo space provides a comfortable ride for furry kids.




PET-A-HOOD Members can enjoy Exclusive Discount on Lalamove’s Platform!


LALAMOVE Pet Transportation Offer


New users (those that have never placed any order via any Lalamove platform) are entitled to 1 coupon valued at HK$25; existing users are entitled to 1 coupon valued at HK$10.


Offer is subjected to terms and conditions, visit “My Vouchers” for more:


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Citrus Pet Van


Citrus Pet Van differentiates itself from other platform that it only focuses on pet transportation, so as to keep the car clean and tidy. Furthermore, they advocate for stress-free pet transportation services, where pets will not be placed in the cargo area, and the vehicles are labelled with stickers for easier identification. There are also pet seatbelts, first aid pack, dog stairs and poop holding bags provided! Regarding to the price, bridge and tunnel tolls are based on actual expenses, but Citrus Pet Van offers long-term discounts to reward their loyal customers as well as reduce the burden of owners. Even when pets accidentally vomit or make the cargo area dirty, there will not be extra charge. The platform has also collaborated with other grooming shops to create a one-stop travelling experience, so that owners no longer have to worry about the grooming needs of their pets. You may make an appointment through its website if you are interested in.


Contact: 5237 7218







Call4van has a myth of “Outstanding Drivers Retain Outstanding Customers”, and they aim to provide caring experience to every customers. By ordering on Call4van mobile app, you will be quickly matched with drivers. No matter how many pets there are, there will only be an extra fee of HK$15 (dogs/pets in bags). Although the fee is relatively higher, however the quality of services is improved as well. The platform uses vans as transporting, therefore even for dogs with a larger size can be really comfortable.





Uber Pet


If your pet has a smaller size, and you have budget and want to shorten the waiting time, you can consider to using "Uber Pet". As a substitute of Taxi,  many users choose Uber as it has a more transparent charge and it is easier to communicate. Uber also offers pet transportation, Uber Pet, by allowing at most 2 riders and a pet by adding extra HK $20. If you have number of pets, remember to contact your driver on whether accepting the trip.


Aside from that, Uber Pet is dedicated to provide more transportation choice for handicapped person. Therefore, when customers are travelling along with service animals, they do not have to choose Uber Pet, and notify the driver about it after matching.





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Pews’ Ride


Pews’ Ride is one of the recent hit pet transportation platforms operating since March 2023. The actual payment amount is determined by real-time pricing and actual situation. Tunnel tolls are included in the quotation already and there will not be additional fees for pets.  Pews’ Ride transports with a luxury-seated car, and they will sanitize the whole cabin before and after every trip to protect the health of pets and owners.


The whole booking process is very simple and quick: contact and provide trip information, confirm with the quotation and pay for it. There is a HK$10 off for the returning trip during their new opening period! However, they only accept at least one day in prior appointment, and they offer limited customer service during weekend.  Pews’ Ride will launch a matching system in the future to allow a higher flexibility in booking. Besides, it also offers birthday party themed cars, feel free to make appointment with them if you are interested!





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99VIP has operated for more than 7 years. They are experienced in pet transportation service and provide services no matter of the size of pets.  Using European luxury vans and trucks as transport, so that furry kids can be more comfortable during the trip. After every trip, they will sanitize the cabin to keep it clean. The whole team are pet lovers, therefore they also specify that drivers must love animals and have compassion when they are hiring. Aside from pet transportation, they also offer family pet respite, pet grooming and animal telepathy services.  If you would like to book for their transportation services, be aware that there is a minimum charge of $140, and $170 for Hong Kong Island. If you would like to have a ride on weekdays, be reminded that you will need to book 1 to 2 days in advance; if you would like to have a ride on weekends and holidays, then you will need to book a week in prior.


Contact: 6056 7758



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Golden Pet Pet Express


Different from other pet transportation platforms, Golden Pet Pet Express provides 24/7 transportation services to all kinds of animals with no amount limitation. Their services are not limited to point-to-point transportation, transportation without owners as well as to/from airports and cargo stations. With the establishment of almost 9 years, all the drivers of the platform have completed pets first aid certificate , and they will receive regular trainings as well, so as to tackle with emergencies. And they use European vans with wider compartments to allow pet owners sit comfortably inside the cabin. After every trip, the team will clean and sanitize their car, and there will not be extra cleaning charge even your pet is not feeling well.  You may Whatsapp them for enquiries and bookings if you are interested in their services.


Contact: 6056 7758



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Pet-friendly transportation is not widely accepted in Hong Kong yet, and pet owners still need to make reservations for pet transportation services and schedules in advance. Although the Legislative Council has discussed this issue for many times, it seems that there is still a long way to go. As a responsible owner, no matter which service you have chosen, you should take good care of your pets and respect the drivers, so as to build a pet’s social community in the neighbourhood.


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