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Pet-friendly Cafes and Restaurants in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon 2022

Pet-friendly Cafes and Restaurants in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon 2022

Don’t you know where to dine out and take instagrammable photos on your day off? Or would you like to have a breath of fresh air with your pets? If yes, you must jot down the 12 pet-friendly restaurants that we are going to introduce below.


Hong Kong Island 

BOGU Pets Grooming & Coffee


Bogu is a coffee shop with pet’s grooming services, it is suitable for the one who is the fan of coffee shop and also who like to bring their pets for hanging out. Although Bogu has only been started up for several months, it has already attracted many pet owners. When the pet owners are enjoying the delicious meal and tasty coffee, their pets can enjoy the grooming services and pets’ meals. #Puppuccino and snacks are served to the pets without charges. You can also meet the two cute shop keeper dogs!


The cafe’s design is mainly based on white color. With the simple design, it gives us a relaxing atmosphere. For the food, there is a cake menu, the earl grey cream cake is a must-try in the cafe.


Remarks: There was a charity sale of Fai Chun, all the earnings from the sale will be donated to the pets’ charity centers and voluntary teams in Hong Kong, in order to help pets for finding their new home.



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The interior design of the café, the leather sofa, the white utensils and the plants bring us to the Scandinavian reverie. There are outdoor seats for the pets and their owners to enjoy their meal and coffee, as well as have a great rest.


There are mainly light meals, such as Panini, Sourdough bread and pasta. Roasted coffee is served in the café.


  • Average spending: HK$50-HK$100
  • Address: G/F, 149 Wong Nai Chung Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  • Opening hours: Tue to Sun 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Mon)
  • Details:


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ULURU Cuisine


There are full of black and white graffiti on the café’s wall, including countless hand painted pets. Instagrammable photos can be taken in the café. The café divided into indoor pet friendly area and balcony, remember to take some photos in the balcony. It is spacious and all the pets are welcomed. The staffs in the café are all pet lovers and they are nice.


The café mainly serves fusion dishes and tea, there is British high tea and different creative desserts, which look like art pieces and it’s great for posting on Instagram.



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PHI Coffee & Pancake (Central)


This design of PHI Coffee & Pancake is mainly based on light wood color and dry flower, it is simple and cozy. There are two to three seats at outdoor, which are suitable for small sized pets.


Coffee and souffle pancake are perfect match and both of them are served in the café. There are also French toasts, salad, pasta and all-day breakfast, which are all mouthwatering.


Friendly reminder: Limited seats are available at outdoor, it is advised to have a phone reservation before arrival.



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Getaway is a Bali food restaurant, themed as the vacation paradise, Bali. With the rattan chairs, rattan light and green plants, it creates a relaxing atmosphere. There is a garden outdoor, pets can enjoy their afternoon greatly in the sun.


There are a variety of creative dishes, ranging from appetizers to main courses, by combining the cooking methods of Indonesia and Thai!


Booking reservations are needed via phone call or WhatsApp. Shisha is available in the restaurant. Beware if you or your pets are allergic to the smell.


  • Average spending: HK$101-HK$200
  • Address: 2/F, the Workstation, 43 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
  • Opening hours: Mon to Thu & Sun 12:00-01:00, Fri to Sat 12:00-02:00
  • Details:


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Lassana Coffee


Lassana is a local coffee brand, with romantic and retro style design, mainly with black and white colors. It is simple and gives us an atmosphere of downshifting.


There is a wide range of beverage, ranging from classic coffee to fruit tea, and also different kinds of breakfast, lunch and desserts, such as smoked salmon pasta and waffle.


No worries if it’s raining, there are covers for all the seats outside. However, seats at outdoor are limited, it will be better to have a reservation beforehand.



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Blue Place Café


Blue Place Café is a British style café, mainly with wood color. There are different paintings on the wall, which is instagrammable. You can pretend to go to Europe for vacation.


For the food, it serves western food such as all-day breakfast, pasta, cake, coffee and alcohol.


Friendly reminder: It is advised to have a reservation before arrival.



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忌廉波Creamy Ball & Pancake(@creamyball.pancake.pom)分享的貼文








Pet Pet VIP


Pet Pet VIP is a restaurant, grooming salon and retailing store. You can take instagrammable photos here too. There is also pets’ menu from Pet Mealer, with all fresh ingredients. You and your furry friends can enjoy the meal together. For the food menu, you can choose Japanese and Western dishes, such as ramen, pizza and cakes.



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GOOF is a café with wooden and cemental design. It is simple and relaxing. It provides outdoor seats for you and your furry friends to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. It serves different kind of desserts such as lemon molten lava cake, croffle, blueberry crumble cheesecake and burnt chocolate marshmallow.


After enjoying the tea, you can bring your furry friends to West Kowloon Cultural District to enjoy the sunset.


Remarks: The café owner has kept several pets, the café has sold limited edition shower gel pack in February, all the profits will be donated to Paws Guardian Rescue Shelter.



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Sinsa Dong Bathhouse


Sinsa Dong Bathhouse is a Korean restaurant, from the traditional Korean dishes served to the interior design with mirrors, showerheads, etc., recreating the bathhouse in Gangnam, bring you to Sinsa Dong, Gangnam. It provides bathrobe for furry friends to take photos in the bathhouse.


There are different variety of recent hot dishes, such as croffle, in both sweet and savoury flavors, Korean fried chicken in three special sauces, like hot and numbing coriander flavor. You can taste the local Korean food without travelling to Korea.





Rim Coffee


Rim Coffee is a newly opened café in 2022. The interior decorated with light colored wooden decorations, which are good to take photos with. There are outdoor seats for you and your pets to enjoy the breeze. Staffs here are nice to furry friends, they will give photo taking advice for you and your furry friends. There is Japanese styled decoration which brings you to Japan, it is advised to wear Wafuku for photo taking.


  • Average spending: HK$50-HK$100
  • Address: The Vantage, Shop 104, 1/F, 63 Ma Tau Wai Rd, Hung Hom
  • Opening hours: Mon to Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat to Sun & Public holiday 09:00-18:00
  • Details:


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𝗗𝗔𝗡 𝗗𝗔𝗡🥚(@dandan_jai)分享的貼文





Laffee is a newly opened café in January 2022. Its interior design mainly based on Earth tones and creamy colored. The hipster styled café is in old Hung Hom district, which is very instagrammable.


For the food served, there are pasta, begal, salad and sour flavoured toast.



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