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<Kitty Paw-geant > Vote For The Prettiest Cat Paw in the World

<Kitty Paw-geant > Vote For The Prettiest Cat Paw in the World


"Come on, my poop-picker, it's time to kiss my right foot, meow"!


How can you not be obsessed with your master's adorable little paws as a cat slave? It's only natural for hoomans to admire its beauty, but only after touching and caressing their paws will they recognize you. You have to smell and lick those small chunks of flesh if you're a true cat lady! The paws of the cat's soles have a therapeutic effect on humans, according to amateurish investigations. Some people want soft, sensitive paws, while others prefer thick toe beans. In any case, every cat slave considers their master's feet to be the cutest on the planet! That’s why Pet-a-hood kindly welcomes all cat slaves to take part in the Kitty Paw-geant competition. Show us the photos/videos of your cat’s paws, and win great prizes!


Bring it on! Let the world see the beautiful and noble paws of your master!


Campaign Details


1. Event Date: August 6, 2021-August 29, 2021 (23:59)


2. Eligibility:


i. Register as a PET-A-HOOD member

ii. Complete your Pet’s Profile

iii. Upload your videos to Facebook/ Instagram within the campaign period and fulfill the video shooting requirements

iv. Fill in the Application Form (Logging in is required), submit the video link in same form. (Each application form is available for only one video submission, participants are required to submit an extra application form for additional video submission.)

v. Like PET-A-HOOD’s Facebook @petahoodhk or Follow PET-A-HOOD’s Instagram @petahoodhk

vi. Follow mrorganic's Instagram


3. Scoring criteria: Your paws will be rated according to the amount of likes and scores given by the PET-A-HOOD team. (Likes account for 30% + PET-A-HOOD team accounts for 70% of the final score)


4. There is no limitation on no. of submission, you are welcome to submit more than one entry to increase your chance of winning

  1. Each PET-A-HOOD member is entitled to ONE prize only


Photo/Video Requirements


1. The photos/videos must align with the topic (Duration: below 30s)


2. As long as there are paws in the entry, the background/theme/actions/props concepts are not limited, unleash your creativity!


3. Upload photos/videos to your Facebook/Instagram (Profile to be set as public)


4. Your work must be uploaded on or after 6th August, 2021


5. Write a few sentences to describe why your are obsessed with your cat’s paws


6. Tagging on post


• Tag PET-A-HOOD's Facebook/Instagram

• Tag mrorganic's Instagram

• Tag 3 friends

• include promotion script and hashtag “Join now #PAH貓咪造美掌大賽"



Prizes Details



In fact, paw-caring is very important! Kitty Paw-geant’s sponsor mrorganic uses natural and certified organic ingredients in their paw-care products, hoping to protect and soften their delicate paws. This way, your masters’ paws will always remain soft and pillowy - just like a baby’s butt!


The Allure-holic Paw Award


• mrorganic HK$1,500 Gift Voucher


Shooting TIPS: Shooting your master's paw by expressing their plumpy, smooth, soft and pillowy texture from multiple angles, allure people to touch or possess it immediately.



The Cutie-holic Paw Award


• Grand Prize: mrorganic HK$1,000 Gift Voucher

• Second prize: mrorganic HK$800 Gift Voucher

• Third Prize: mrorganic HK$500 Gift Voucher


Shooting TIPS: create the most adorable photos/videos with the best composition and the paws itself. Everyone will shout out "Kawaii" at first sight! Shoot with props if necessary.



Appreciation Award (Eligible for each participant)


• mrorganic HK$50 Gift Voucher



Prize sponsor:


Click here to know more about mrorganic



Campaign Terms and Conditions


1. Winners will receive an email from Pet-a-hood informing them of the details of the prize and prize collection details.

2. Prize will not be re-issued if lost.

3. If the prizes are to be redeemed by vouchers, the instructions for redemption will be sent through email. You must access your member account with mobile device and internet connection in order to redeem any vouchers through the member account at the redemption point.

4. All the prizes will be distributed after the winner annoucement.

5. Winner annoucement: Sep 10, 2021.

6. Vouchers cannot be re-generated, resold, transferred or redeemed for cash.

7. Vouchers can only be redeemed at the redemption point and subject to all Terms and Conditions.

8. By acknowledging and agreeing, participants agree that Pet-a-hood is not responsible for the quality, safety, availability or violation of any applicable laws or regulations of the products and/or services provided by the sponsors and that participants are entirely at their own risk.

9. By acknowledging and agreeing, participants agree that Pet-a-hood is not responsible for the use or redemption of any voucher and is not responsible for any acts of any sponsor or redemption point that provides, uses or redeems the voucher.

10. Pet-a-hood accepts no responsibility for any data submission delay, lost, error, non- recognizing etc. situations due to computer, network and other technical issues.

11. Pet-a-hood will reject or cancel any applications which contain inappropriate, malicious or promotional content, including but not limited to any applications with any of the above content, and shall reserve the rights to disqualify any application at its sole discretion without reason nor notice.

12. All entries must not infringe any rights (including intellectual property rights and copyrights) of any other parties. Should a video violate any laws, Pet-a-hood would not be held legally responsible.

13. If a participant is found to use a false name and/or invalid email address or adopt any way to invade and/or modify the computer program or dishonestly to participate in this campaign, Pet-a-hood reserves the right to disqualify the participants’ entitlement to the prize and to retrieve the prize if it had been given. The participant will bear all related and associated responsibilities, liabilities and consequences.

14. By participating in this campaign, the participant agrees to assign the intellectual property rights, copyrights and usage right of the entries (of all forms) to Pet-a-hood and also agrees that his/her personal data and submitted videos will be used by Pet-a-hood and its sponsors for direct marketing purposes and communication uses.

15. By participating in this campaign, the participant agrees to all of the above Terms and Conditions. In case of any dispute, Pet-a-hood reserves the right of final decision.

16. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of any materials related to this Campaign and these Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version shall apply and prevail.





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