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《King Maker IV》Marf / Ivy So / SoChing / Yoyo all have pets

《King Maker IV》Marf / Ivy So / SoChing / Yoyo all have pets

Have you voted for the hit show《King Maker IV》 from ViuTV? The show ends on a high note. Anyone who has watched the show should be familiar with the talent and appearance of these girls, but did you know that many of them are animal lovers?




Marf, who has been a favourite since the first episode of《King Maker IV》, is an undisputed winner of the show. With no question about her ability, her heart for loving the animals also doesn't need to be doubted. Marf is a veterinary nurse, and has shared in the show that even though she is busy with rehearsals, she still doesn't want to quit her job and wants to keep her position to spend more time with animals. Marf loves cats and dogs. The most photographed are a squirrel dog and a groomed cat. To our surprise, the stylish Marf always has a gentle look in her eyes when she is with animals.


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Ivy So


Ivy So is one of the biggest hits of 《King Maker IV》. She is known for her natural good looks, her on-camera affability and her private love for others. She has a cockatoo at home and hamsters, which has turned her house into a zoo, as well as a cute white flat-faced long-haired cat named Fatbor @fatbor_yellowcattobe on her IG profile. Earlier, she was photographed being kissed by a grey Poodle on the mouth. She really can't live without her pet~


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SoChing, with her cute little tiger teeth, is one of the top dancers in 《King Maker IV》 and has been building up her popularity since the Top 96. SoChing is also a cat lover and has an exotic short-haired Garfield cat called "LimLim". For fans of SoChing's, remember to follow her on her IG @limlimso2020, where SoChing will be live-streaming her cat.


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So Ching(@soching_nat)分享的貼文




Sweet, cute and beautiful are just right to be used to describe Yoyo. Other than that, Yoyo also has one more merit — she is a dog lover. Yoyo's dog is a long-tailed brown Poodle called "Puff", who is ten years old this year. Yoyo’s IG only have one story highlights which is “Little Puff 🐶", listing all kinds of conditions and angles, and full of little Puff figures.


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Yoyo Kot 葛綽瑤(@yoyo_kot)分享的貼文




Alice is a cat lover, and in her mind, cats are the most adorable animals in the world, and she used to take care of her un-lactated kitten B by hand, feeding her every two to three hours. She has started an IG for her cats, @meowchiu, to document the lives of her three cats - Taro, Meow chiu and Jiro.


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🥀 ALICE HUI許寶恆(@huii_alice)分享的貼文




Candy was already a big hit before the competition, from being judged for only her appearance, she has trained hard to improve. Candy has a sweet and innocent appearance and a kind heart. Doudin is three years old and was taken in by Candy when she was just three months old, so she is very close to Candy and will read with Candy and sleep in her bed. Although she would occasionally bite Candy, Candy still loves her with all her heart.


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Candy Wong(@candyw1219)分享的貼文




Apart from CK's amazing songwriting abilities, another characteristic of CK is her tattoos. One of her tattoos is her hairless cat Pearl, who passed away in 2020. CK tattooed Pearl on her right arm to keep her company forever. Which makes me think, could the cat be her inspirational muse?


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@ckzzzck 分享的貼文


Ma Yan


Although she finished in the Top 25, Ma Yan is a skilled dancer and a sexy and charming woman on stage. But offstage, she is in love with lionhead rabbits. She has a son and a daughter, but her black rabbit, KOIKOI, returned to Rainbow Bridge at the beginning of the 21st year, leaving her with a five-year-old brown rabbit, Law. Ma Yan also opened an IG account @my.y.paokol for Law and shows her love regularly, and sometimes takes Law for a walk in the sun on her holidays.


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𝓶𝓪𝔂𝓪 𝓷 ❁馬 欣(@myyoann)分享的貼文


Chan Cho


When it comes to pet-owning 《King Maker IV》 girls, how can we not mention Chan Cho! Although Chan Cho only appeared in one round of the competition and was already finished in the preliminary round of 96, her original song "You must have a cat" captured the hearts of many cat lovers. She was praised by judge and cat lover DJ Dangnu, who wanted to play it on the radio. The lyrics include "You're the owner, but it thinks it's a god" and "When the time comes, it'll be chirpy", which cat lovers will definitely relate to.


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