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MDF My Doggy Says | Train your Dog to be an Expert of OutdoorDon’t Let your Dog Take Control!

MDF My Doggy Says | Train your Dog to be an Expert of OutdoorDon’t Let your Dog Take Control!

There are more and more pet-welcomed venues in Hong Kong, and these have attracted owners to bring their dogs out for photo taking. However, some dogs get out of control when they are on the street, for example, having continuous asthma, barking, pulling the leash, and even, not responding to anyone. When you face these situations, you must be really jealous at the stable performance of other dogs on the street, right?


In fact, it is not hard to keep your dog with stable performance on the street. Let me share some tips to you to become an expert of photo-taker with your dog!


Socializing Training


Socializing Training does not mean to bring your dog to busy or high-pressured venues continuously and forcing it to face the crowd, as this might reversely lead to its fear of going out. Quality is far more important than quantity!  The quality of going out depends on the situation of your dog: if you can make your dog think that going outside is a normal routine, then it will not be over-joyed or acting too nervous. The attitude of parents is important in helping the dog to face the world calmly. If your dog is over-excited or nervous, try not to complete the walk impatiently, but to bring them to some quiet places to calm. Setting a goal that to keep your dog calm before the walk and before home can help it to go out calmly in the long run.



Tighten the leash = stop | Loosen the leash = walk


The problem of leash pulling has a lot of resolving ways, and one of the ways is to allow your dog to understand that the tightening of leash = stop | loosening of leash = walk. This is to allow a conditional reflex – when there is pressure at the neck ( a slight feeling of being tightened), they will slow down or even stop automatically. When your dog can slow down, parents should response with verbal praisals (Good) immediately; for dogs that love food a lot, parents can provide some snacks as reward.


1. Tighten the leash = stop




2.  Loosen the leash = walk



Increase your Personal Attraction


Many parents think that they should allow more freedom for dogs to explore the world during their walks, therefore they will tend to communicate less with their dogs on the street, and even, not providing snacks or food as reward. This will indirectly send a message to the dogs that they do not have to consider the existence of their parents at outdoor places, and lead to the situation that your dog is acting great at home or indoor, but getting out of control when they are at outdoor places. Starting from today, let your dog knows that even at outdoor places, if it looks at you, pays attention to  you or even stays beside you, they will receive rewards, and you will also discover that your dog starts to pay more attention to you. Be aware that this method does not suitable for dogs that get nervous easily, they can be deal with the second solution.


Tips: You can rebuild your attraction at outdoor places that are more quiet or having less allure.



Rebuild Communication and Rewarding Ways


If parents have never built a suitable communication way with your dogs, the below exercises can help. Here are the two basic concepts:


1. They will receive all rewards when “sit”, for example, snacks, touches, attention from the owner, leaving the cage, drinking water, going out etc.

2. When facing any allure, they need to have eye contact with their parents, and they can only act when they receive approvals


Exercise include: Concentration Training, Eye-contact training, Self-control training etc. We suggest to start the exercise at home first, then outdoor after receiving a great result, so as to teach our dogs slowly that no matter where they are, they will receive correspond rewards if they behave well.


If you are interested in the above trainings, you can contact us MY DOG FITS Canine Training Academy, we will allocate coaches to understand your situation and provide more suggestions.


If you also think the above information can provide you with support, you can also like and follow us on PET-A-HOOD or social media of MY DOG FITS.


About MY DOG FITS Canine Training Academy




MY DOG FITS Canine Training Academy Founder – Garrick Poon


My Dog Fits Canine Training Academy (MDF) is dedicated to providing the highest quality dog training services to help owners build strong and positive relationships with their furry companions.


Our professional team at MDF has extensive experience and knowledge in dog training, with their courses designed to meet international standards. Having worked in the Guide Dog & Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) Dog field for many years, our trainers have undergone a rigorous canine trainer cadet program and have trained many guide dogs in Hong Kong. With their wealth of experience in training working dogs, our team possesses a unique insight into the behavior and psychology of dogs and can provide effective training methods for each individual dog.





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