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Cat Grooming at Home

Cat Grooming at Home

Do cats need baths? A never-ending debate among cat owners, where some believe cats love to be clean and spend a lot of time grooming themselves hence removing the need for baths. However, cats are not capable of cleaning every inch of their bodies. Bathing your cat not only keeps it clean, but helps prevent skin diseases, parasites, and gives you an opportunity to check for any illnesses your cat may have. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to groom your cat at home.


Basic Grooming


Ear Cleaning


1. Gently flip its ears and inspect the debris build-up on the visible areas. Healthy ears are slightly moist, and should not have much build-up.

2. Use cotton balls or tissue paper to wipe and remove larger areas of debris.

3. Add some ear cleaning solution to the ear canal, but be careful not to insert the bottle's nozzle into the canal.

4. Gently massage the base of the ears, allowing the solution to rinse and dissolve any debris inside the ear canal.

5. Let your cat shake its head so the debris and solution can move out of the ear canal.

6. Wipe the ears dry and clean with cotton balls or tissue paper.


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Nail Clipping


1. Gently squeeze finger / toe and its nails will be exposed naturally.

2. Try to trim each nail in one swift motion.

3. Be careful not to trim too deep. Only trim away the transparent section of the nail and never cut into the pink part of the nail as that would cause bleeding and pain.


If bleeding occurs, apply light pressure on the wound with cotton balls or tissue paper until bleeding stops.




Fur Brushing


1. Start with a comb or brush with large partition between pins to identify and declutter patches of entangled fur.

2. Then use a fine brush to remove dirt, dead and loose fur, and add a touch of volume to the coat.




1. Gently pour some warm water on your cat's back, then slowly on the tail, neck, limbs and finally the stomach. Let your cat get used to the water. Minimize splashing and avoid having water touch your cat's face.

2. Massage pet shampoo all over its body and rinse with warm water. Take the time to make sure all the shampoo is completely rinsed off.


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1. Pay close attention to your cat's reaction during the bath. If your is extremely nervous, its heart rate could increase drastically which could be fatal.

2. Temperature of the water for the bath should be at 38-39 degree Celsius.

3. Don't let any water get into your cat's eyes and ears.

4. Don't bathe your cat too regularly; it could cause your cat's skin and fur to become too dry and prone to itching.


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家居美容 Cat Grooming Grooming at Home

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